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Hope for a Protected Planet

Target 11: The world has decided to protect 17% of land and 10% marine

in systems of protected areas that are
• • • • • conserving areas important for biodiversity and ecosystem services ecologically representative and well connected effectively and equitably managed including other effective area- based conservation measures • integrated into the wider landscapes and seascapes

Protected areas ... conserving nature

Las áreas protegidas ... conservan la natura

The world is doing quite well....

...and protected areas work!

.... and they must continue to work when faced by global climate change

The problem is about connectivity... no place to hide, nowhere to go

Roadlessness in Canada

Animal and plant populations have to be maintained in a rapidly changing environment
• Changes in 4 key rates of population biology: birth, death, immigration, emigration • How can we best influence these rates to allow the ecosystem components (species) to best adapt? • Communities are going to change • The Solution: large populations, connected populations

Climate change adaptation options
A. Do nothing – adapt to only human needs B. Intensive ecosystem management – move species, mobile reserves, population management C. Use natural solutions to provide the best chance for biodiversity and for people

Protected areas .... offering solutions

Las áreas protegidas ... ofrecen soluciones

The no-regrets option: conservation networks
• “Create” the best chance for biodiversity to adapt and accommodate • Involves comprehensive landscape planning • Allows species sorting, movement that is slow and fast, covers the changing range of ecosystems • Enormous social benefits

A simple solution – conservation networks

Global protected areas network:
The largest and fastest change of land management in history

1962 2012

1,000 >200,000

Index of Connectivity Between Protected Areas by Ecoregion

Protected Area Indigenous Land

Canadian Examples - Governments, First Nations, Citizens
and Industry are Already Involved in Large Landscape Planning

Deh Cho Land Use Plan - Comprehensive

Tools for Conservation
• • • • • • • • • • Private land stewardship Conservation Easements Tax benefits Payments for Ecosystem Services Conservation purchases Municipal zoning Biodiversity offsets Governance arrangements Planning for dealing with roads? Roadlessness?

Mitigating the Impacts of Roads: Banff National Park

120, 000 crossings

12 species

Protected areas .... respecting people

Las áreas protegidas .... respetan las personas

Facilitating equitable governance

Kathy MacKinnon CBD & Climate

• Governance assessment and evaluation
• Social assessment

Growing numbers of Locally Managed Marine Areas

Govan et al. 2009

New evidence for ecosystem-based approaches

“This book clearly indicates for the first time how protected areas contribute significantly to reducing the impacts of climate change …” - LORD NICHOLAS STERN

Integration into landscape/seascape
Land use and marine spatial planning Sectoral integration