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Punjab National Bank and HDFC Bank .The State Bank of India is the 29th most reputed company in the world according to Forbes  Competitors . along with ICICI Bank.It has an asset base of $352 billion and $285 billion in deposits  Wide Network -The State Bank Group.000 branches.It is state-owned  Assets .The State Bank of India is the largest of the Big Four banks of India. has the largest banking branch network in India.It is the largest Indian banking and financial services company (by turnover and total assets)  Ownership .STATE BANK OF INDIA : Identity .  Achievements . with over 16.

400 towns & cities spread across the country  Ratings .458 crores in March 1994 to Rs 24.HDFC Ltd was established in 1977 with the primary objective of meeting a social need of encouraging home ownership by providing long-term finance to households  Assets .HDFC has received 'AAA' rating for its Deposit products for highest safety from both CRISIL and ICRA for sixteen consecutive years .Deposits grew from Rs. focusing on home mortgages  Objective .Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited : Identity . 1.HDFC founded 1977 by Hasmukhbhai Parekh. is an Indian NBFC.625 crores in March 2011  Wide Network – It has 294 offices catering to over 2.

.  2 of our group members have a bank account with both the respective banks.  This made our accessibility to the websites easier & hence working out the evaluation. so they are familiar with it since they are using it frequently.REASON OF SELECTION : We wanted to compare between a Private Banking site & Government banking site.

No 1 Factors Alignment of the content in the homepage Low Compressed to either side of the margin Medium Centrally aligned High Occupying full space 2 Availability in different languages Available in two Not available in different languages(English. twitter etc Navigation link is provided but not in detail Services are listed on the homepage itself No link present at all Links are present upon Links are present on the navigating 1-2 pages homepage 5 Links of careers The link is present on Not present at all on the the site but not virtually Link for career is site available on site active 6 Sitemap No sitemap at all Sitemap that is confusing Sitemap that gives a clear view about the website . languages National Language) Available in more then two languages 3 4 Not all services are Display of services available on the offered by organization homepage Link to social networking sites like facebook.Factor Grid Sr.

No Factors Use of animations and graphics Low Medium Very less use of graphics and at inappropriate places High More and proper use of graphics at well defined places 7 No use at all 8 Pop-ups Many pop-ups Available in inner pages No pop-ups at all of the site 9 10 11 Consistent layout Layout changes at every Layout changes are less Layout is constant page frequent Comparitively bigger fonts with adequate spacing in between words Lesser scrolling Easily visible with good fonts making the page more catchy Comparatively Minimum scrolling Page layout/appearance Smaller fonts and are very congested Minimum Scroll Need to scroll much 12 Descriptive line text Content is heavily stuffed Comparatively small and Short sentences with less descriptive relevant information 13 Screen resolution Design of website changes if resolution changes Design remains the Design changes but still same even if resolution understandable changes .Sr.

Sr.No Factors All services are mentioned on a single page (related to a particular sector) Low Medium High 14 All services aren't mentioned on the homepage All services are shown All services are shown but are after navigating on the home page few pages 15 Log in for net banking account No such service available so there isn't any login functionality Available upon Available on the home navigating through one page or two pages 16 Online form filling Bank doesn’t provide any online form filling Site has no such facility facility but the form can be downloaded first then the printout Online form filling facility is provided and then the representative contacts the user for further proceedings 17 Search option security Search option shows all the result as the keywords are entered Website doesn’t have a Search option provides so at some point of time search option at all so satisfactory results the server might get no issues of security hence secured heavily loaded and it may crash giving zero output .

Sr.No 18 Factors Search option efficiency Low No search option present Medium High Highly efficient as in Gives you with more of entering just the filtered data but not keywords of the search much efficient gives information 19 Links for the services Links open up in another window Links for the various Links open in another services can be opened tab of the same window in completely new window 20 No proper problem Customer care services resolution service is present on the site This section is very Just a fewer contact informative to the user details with the timings providing grievance and date are provided redressal and resolving on the site query 21 Recruitment service No such information is displayed on the site There is a separate Some bank site recruitment section on provides the candidate the site that provides the to create his/her profile information of the and upload the resume current job openings .

No 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Factors Low Medium High No such service is Prepaid mobile recharge present on the site Types of credit card schemes Mobile recharge facility isn't present but bill The site provides an payment is done via easy mobile refill facility bank account Fewer number of schemes (credit card) Large number of schemes (hdfc) No schemes Investment Investment section is bit No separate section for Investment section confusing and does not investment contains all the details cover all the details There is no video demo There is no video demo There is a video demo present but instructions and instructions are as well as clear are user-friendly confusing instructions are present Not present Visible after navigating Present on the home few pages page Available for download Can be submitted online as well as can be submitted online Security certificate is Security certificate is shown on pages inside shown on home page the site only Providing video demo and instructions Market tracker Complaint form Not available on the home page Security certificate is not shown on the site Security certificate 29 Browser compatibility Design of website Design of website becomes a chaos when changes little bit with browser changes change in browser Consistent design for all browser .Sr.

5 Banks Factors HDFC Alignment of the Content 2 3 SBI 2.5 Bank HDFC Bank SBI 0.5 3 Link to social networking sites Sitemap Services offered 3 2 3 1 3 R a t i n g s 2 1.5 1 3 0 Animations and graphics usage Popups Language options Career links 2 3 2 3 3 3 3 3 .Home screen 3.

5 Banks Factors HDFC SBI 3 2.5 g s 1 0.General Features 3.5 Consistent Layout 3 3 Banks HDFC Banks SBI Minimum Scroll 3 2 0 page layout/appearance 2 3 Descriptive Line text 3 2 Availibility of services 2 3 .5 R a 2 t i n 1.

5 Banks Factors HDFC SBI 3 2.5 Market Tracker 3 1 0 browser compatibility 3 3 .5 R a 2 t i n 1.Additional features 3.5 g s Complaint form 2 3 Security certificate 3 2 Banks HDFC Banks SBI 1 Providing video demo 3 2 0.

Services Banks Factors HDFC Log in options Online form filling Search option security search option efficiency links for the services Types of credit card schemes Investments customer care services recruitment service prepaid recharge 3 3 2 2 1 3 3 3 3 3 3.5 SBI 2 2 3 3 3 2 1 2 2 1 3 2.5 0 .5 g s Banks HDFC Banks SBI 1 0.5 R a 2 t i n 1.


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