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Direct Marketing, CRM Interactive Marketing and Public Relations

The system of marketing by which organisations communicate directly with target customers to generate a response or transaction. This response may take the form of an inquiry, a purchase or even a vote.

Direct Mail, Mail Order, Database Marketing, Telemarketing, Catalogues, Electronic Shopping,TV Shopping, E mail and direct response ads through Direct Mail, the internet and various broadcast and print media

DIRECT MARKETING Amway Dell Aquaguard Tupperware Avon Teleshoppe 4 .

J C Penny • Broadcast Media – Infomercials • Teleshopping 5 . Alloy.Key to the success is mailing list • Catalogs – Through Mail. Internet and Retail Stores : Fingerhut.DIRECT MARKETING • Direct Mail .

Avon . Amway 6 .DIRECT MARKETING • Print Media – Ads with direct response coupons • Telemarketing • Electronic Teleshopping • Direct Selling – Tupperware.

APPROACH TO DIRECT MARKETING One Step Approach Direct approach to obtain an order like Infomercials Two Step Approach Screen or qualify potential buyers 7 .

DATABASE MARKETING The use of specific information about individual customers and/or prospects to implement more effective and efficient marketing communications 8 .

Tupperware 9 .3 FORMS OF DIRECT SELLING • Repetitive Person to Person Selling .Amway • Non-Repetitive Person to Person Selling – Encyclopedia Britannica • Party Plans .

ADVANTAGES OF DIRECT MARKETING • Selective Reach • Segmentation Capabilities • Frequency • Flexibility • Timing • Personalisation • Costs • Measures of effectiveness 10 .

DISADVANTAGES OF DIRECT MARKETING • Image Factors • Accuracy • Content Support • Rising Costs 11 .

CRM 12 .

including the capture. 13 . vendor.CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT Covers concepts used by companies to manage their relationships with customers. storage and analysis of customer. partner and internal process information.

Includes policies and processes. systems and information management 14 .CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT CRM is not just a technology. marketing. but rather a comprehensive approach to an organization's philosophy in dealing with its customers. employee training. front-of-house customer service.

Analytical .3 ASPECTS OF CRM 1.automation or support of customer processes that include a company’s sales or service representative communication with customers that does not include a company’s sales or service representative (Self Service) 3.analysis of customer data for a broad range of purposes 15 . Operational . Collaborative .

g. • Analytical CRM : statistical analysis software as well as software that manages any specific marketing campaigns 16 . an interactive website. automated phone systems etc.TECHNOLOGY CONSIDERATIONS • A database to store customer information : can be a CRM specific database or an enterprise data warehouse • • Operational CRM : customer agent support software Collaborative CRM : customer interaction systems e.

KEY FUNCTIONALITIES Marketing Sales Service 17 .

CHANNELS OF COMMUNICATIONS Communication Channel / CRM Module Marketing Direct Internet Call Center Tele Marketing Online Marketing Web Shop Online Service Web Marketing Sales Service Tele Sales Customer Self Service Portal Tele Service 18 .

AREA OF CONCERN Customer Privacy Data Security 19 .

333 5.TOP SOFTWARE CRM VENDORS Vendor SAP SIEBEL ORACLE SALESFORCE.475 966 368 281 276 2.COM AMDOCS Others Total Global Revenue (Million US$) 1.698 20 .

The Internet and Interactive Media 21 .

allow for a back and forth flow of information. CD-ROMs. Kiosks and Interactive TV. whereby users can participate in and modify the form and content of the info they receive in real time 22 .INTERACTIVE/INTERNET MARKETING Interactive Media through Internet.

INTERACTIVE/INTERNET MARKETING Internet is a promotional medium Internet is a medium that can be used to execute all the elements of the promotional mix 23 .

seekandsource.E-COMMERCE B2B Marketing B2C Marketing C2C Marketing 24 .com. Indianyellowpages. 01markets.


COMMUNICATIONS OBJECTIVES • Create awareness • Generate Interest • Disseminate information • Create an image • Create a strong brand 26 .

ADVERTISING ON THE INTERNET • Banners • Sponsorships • Pop-Ups • Links 27 .

MEASURING EFFECTIVENESS OF THE INTERNET • Audience Measures and measures of effectiveness • Online Measuring • Recall and Retention 28 .

ADVANTAGES OF THE INTERNET • Target Marketing • Message Tailoring • Interactive Capabilities • Information Access • Sales Potential Cont. 29 .

ADVANTAGES OF THE INTERNET • Creativity • Exposure • Speed • Complement to IMC 30 .

Public Relation • • • • • Identify internal and external stakeholders Assess the corporate reputation Audit corporate social responsibility Create positive image building activities Prevent or reduce image damage 31 .

Stakeholders Internal • Employees • Unions • Shareholders • Channel Members • Customers External • Media • Local communities • Financial communities • Government • Special Interest group 32 .

Image-Destroying activities • Discrimination • Harassment • Pollution • Misleading Communication • Deceptive Communications • Offensive communication Activities that Affect a Company’s Image Image Building activities • Empowerment of employees • Charitable contribution • Sponsoring Local events • Selling environmentally safe products • Outplacement programs • Supporting community events 33 .

Sponsorship • Sponsorship marketing means company pays money to sponsor someone. some group. or something that is part of an activity 34 .

Sponsorship Objectives • Enhance a Company Image • Increase a firms visibility • Differentiate a company from its competitors • Showcase specific goods and service • Help a firm develop closer relationship with current and prospective customers • Sell excess inventory 35 .

Sport-69% Causes-10% Entertainment. 3.Marketing expenditure on sponsorships and event 1. 2. fairs and annual events-5% Arts-6% 36 . tours and attractions-11% Festivals. 5. 4.

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