Device Driver Programming

Unit-1 : Introduction

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• Introduction: Device driver • device driver programming • What is System • Embedded System • Processor in the System • Software Embedded into a System • System-On-Chip(SOC) • Embedded System in VLSI Circui

What is Device driver ? • A program that controls the functioning • of a device. In essence. A device driver is software code that enables an operating system to interface with a hardware device. keypad or an internal device such as timer. whether it be a Peripheral such as printer. the driver acts as a translator between the operating system and the hardware. . must have a driver. Every device. LCD display unit.

A device may have multiple functions.Device Driver • • • A program that controls the functioning of a device. . Each device function is controlled by the driver The driver provides a software layer (interface) between application and the actual device.

listen ( ). which controls a device function or device input or output . close ( ).read ( ).open ( ). write ( ). accept ( ). • such as create ( ).Device Driver • Device driver use a set of generic functions. delete ( ) for use by high level programmers Each generic function calls a specific software (interrupt service routine). connect ( ).

.What is device driver programming Device driver development may be quite complex since it requires a registerlevel understanding of the hardware as well as a low-level understanding of the operating system.

WHAT IS SYSTEM • A way of working. Examples-Time display system – A watch Cloth washing system – A washing machine . Also an arrangement in which all units assemble and work togethe according to a program or plan. organizing or performing one • or many tasks according to a fixed set of rules. program or plan.

designed to perform a specific function Embedded systems are electronic systems that contain a microprocessor or microcontroller. but we do not think of them as computers – computer is hidden or embedded in the system.Embedded System • An embedded system is a combination of • computer hardware and software. and perhaps additional mechanics or other parts. .

Software for an embedded system is developed on one platform but runs on another Platform may means different things depends on its context. Platform = Hardware or Software or Development tools .Embedded System • A electronic system which is designed for a • • • dedicated purpose is called Embedded system .

mobile. telephone etc. washing machine. Examples of embedded system in your home: microwave oven. your car have more that 100 embedded systems in it. we can find many embedded systems. DVD player. . TV.Examples of embedded systems Embedded system exist everywhere. remote control. toys. if we look around our self. classic example is your watch.

Processor in the System .

Software Embedded into a System • • • • • Device drivers Device manager Operating System Real Time System Software tools .

• Device Driver A device driver is software for controlling (configuring). for initializing (configuring) these and for testing the devices that are present . Device Manager Device Management software (usually a part of the OS) provide codes for detecting the presence of devices. receivin and sending a byte or a stream of bytes from or to a device.

Operating System .

Real Time System • Real time system = a system that is response to • its external input (event) in a timely (restrict or non restrict) fashion. External events are o synchronous = periodic o asynchronous = aperiodic .

or both start time and finish time.Real Time System Real-time system must respond to external events 1. . recognizing when an event occurs 2. performing the required processing as a result of the event outputting the necessary results within a given time constraint 4. Timing constraints include finish time.

Software tools 1. 4. Compiler. Assembler and Cross Assembler. Prototyper . Interpreter. 3. 5. Editor. 2. IDE.

for example.SYSTEM-ON-CHIP (SoC) • SoC is a system on a VLSI chip that has all needed analog as well as digital circuits. single-chip mobile phone . processors and software.

Embedded System in VLSI Circuit .

Embedded System in VLSI Circuit .

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Exemplary Embedded Systems .

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