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and the Caryatid porch. The building known as the Erechtheion was built in the second half of the fifth century BC on the Athenian Acropolis and once housed the important cults and relics in Athens.There are essentially four façades to this complex and multi-level temple. and it is these façades that are illustrated by the many travellers to Greece. .THE EREChTHION The Erechtheion has three parts: a main temple. a north porch.

frieze(band of sculptures) and a Approach from the hexastyle porch to east cornice(reminiscent of have columns 686mm in diameter and 6.— all of which would have been brightly and. Ionic columns stand on a moulded base consisting of upper and lower torus. palmettes. garishly painted. pendant leaves.Ionic capitals consisted of a very narrow echinus surmounted by a scrollwork volute and a relatively small abacus All of these elements were decorated with increasingly elaborate carvings. according to modern tastes at least. . and consists of architrave(super imposed part). Ionic north porch 2bays deep has The tetra stylecolumns are remarkable for its pair of columns 813mm in diameter and 7. most often with stylized plant motifs such as rosettes.5m high squared timbers). entablature is usually The 1/5th of the whole order. There are alternate flutes The bases of the western attached columns were raised about 914mm above those of the and fillets on the trunk. east porch .6m high. volutes or scrolls derived from rams horns or nautilus shell. etc.

4m above the acropolis level. The most likely derivation of their name is from the young women of Sparta who danced every year in honour of Artemis Karyatis. The right leg is encased in perpendicular folds arranged like the fluting of a column shaft. She carries an architectural casket like a capital on her head. All the figures face southwards.Caryatids are female figures serving as supports. the 3western lean on the right and the 3eastern on the left leg . CARYATIDS Southern porch has 6draped female figures or caryatids 2.3m high standing on a solid marble wall rising about 2. The other leg is flexed with the drapery moulded to it.

.windows Windows are quite rare in Greek temple architecture. As originally arranged the latter columns on the west attached to piers between which there were perhaps grills in metal or wood these openings were walled up in roman times except the windows in 3central intercolumniations.

Intricate elements The tetra style north porch 2bays deep has columns 813mm in diameter and 7. The porch stands at the lower level and its entablature fits just below the main one resembling it in design and like it having it a frieze of black Eleusinian limestone to which relieves culture in white marble formally was attached by cramps.The anta molding as well continued along the flanks. .6m high.

htm AND VIDEOS :http://www.ancient-greece.greece-athens.com/greece-architecture.com/video/video.htm http://www.html http://www.FOR MORE INFORMATION ON TOPIC REFER TO:http://www.acropolis360.ca/articles/greektemple/greek_temple.com/ http://www.odysseyadventures.php?video_id=1 BY:- DIPTI CHURI (10) BENJAMIN FERNANDES(17) DEEPIKA KALGUTKAR(26) VEDANTI KELKAR(30) HARSHADA MAHAJAN(34) APOORVA MADHAVAN(41) KARISHMA PATIL(48) POOJA SATAM(61) MADHURA SAWANT(64) TARUN SINGH(83) .org/architecture/erechtheion.greeka.

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