Graduation Project

Range Planning (AW’ 12-13) For Alok H&A Ltd.

Presented By: Pranjali (M/AP/08/17) Rupali Gaur (M/AP/08/24)

Alok H&A Ltd. was incorporated in 2007 for the domestic retail business under the 'H&A' banner. Ranked amongst the 'Top 100 franchise opportunities' in India by The Franchising World Magazine, June’11, H&A stores are value retail outlets, positioned as complete family stores for apparel, home textiles and accessories.

Alok H&A Ltd.
- H&A in association with Australian Cricketer ‘Brett Lee’ launched his active wear collection in the name of ‘BL Active Wear’ - 311operational stores as on date. Present in 23 states and more than 150 cities - Consolidating its operations by closing down non profitable stores. - Gross Sales for 9 months period ended December 2011 were Rs. 57.79 crores. compared to Rs. 37.79 crores in previous corresponding period.

Need of the Project
• Reach to total of 500 stores on pan India basis by 2012. • All New stores to be on Franchisee basis, thereby reducing set-up costs and accelerating store roll out. • To become established, affordable lifestyle store brand by 2015.


To plan a competent and customer-centric range for H&A for Fall-Winter 2012-13 to accentuate their profit and sales. Sub Objective: • To develop H&A’s customer profile by evaluating their demographics and psychographics. • To carry out their wardrobe analysis for rolling out of any new product category. • To know about the competitors of H&A in terms of brand positioning, merchandise carried, price-points and other relevant parameters.

Research Methodology
• Understanding the brand • Understanding working cycle – Study forecasting – Study previous sales record – Preparing the questionnaire • Pilot run • Survey • Range selection • Range Development

• Survey will be done in 10 stores 5 each in A and B class stores. • Survey will be done on weekdays and weekends in H&A stores. • The sample size will be 85/store i.e. total 850 consumers. • Method: Stratified Random Sampling.

Time & Action Plan
3rd Feb 4th Feb 1st Week Mar 2nd Week Mar 4th Week Mar 1st Week April 2nd Week April 3rd & 4th Weel April

• Understanding the brand

• Study forecasting
• Study previous sales record • Preparing the questionnaire • Pilot run • Survey • Range selection • Range Development

Review of Literature


• Corporate Presentation April’2011: pril%202011%20-%20Web.pdf The Evolution of Category Management and the New State of the Art

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