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Past Simple and Past Continuous

Past Simple Form


I/He/She/It We/You/They


ed .






Do You Know These Past Forms?

be was choose chose come cost cut do draw came cost cut did drew drive eat fall feel drove ate fell felt
become became

begin began break broke bring brought build buy built bought

fight fought find fly found flew

dream dreamt drink drank

catch caught

forget forgot

Do You Know These Past Forms?



know lead learn leave lend let lie lose

knew led learnt left lent let lay lost

make made mean meant meet pay put read ride run met paid put read rode ran

go have hear hit hold keep

went had heard hit held kept

Do You Know These Past Forms?





teach taught tell told

speak spoke spell spelt

sell send

sold sent

think thought throw threw

understand understood

spend spent stand steal swim take stood stole swam took

show showed shut sing sit shut sang sat

wake wear win

woke wore won

(1) We use Past Simple to talk about past historic

events and facts

(2) We use Past Simple to talk about:

completed actions in the past

She woke up at 7:30 this morning.

What did you do:

At home this morning?

At your last birthday party? On your last vacation?

Complete the sentences about yourself:

(3) We use Past Simple to talk about:

past permanent actions

Jenny worked as a secretary for 5 years.

Past Simple time words

We normally use such time references as:
Yesterday Last Tuesday In 1998 Last weekend When I was Last month On march the 3d A week ago

The other day

Past Continuous Form


I/He/She/It We/You/They Was Were



. ing

We/You/They wasnt


ing ?

I/He/She/It We/You/They




(1) We use Past Continuous to say:

that somebody was in the middle of doing something at a certain time.

I was doing

I started doing

I finished doing

I was playing golf at 17.00 yesterday

Past Continuous: rule 1

We often use such time references as:

At 5 oclock yesterday / from 07.00 till 08.00 etc.

Past Continuous: rule 1

Tim was talking on the phone at 13.30 yesterday.

Past Continuous : rule 1

What were they doing at 11.50 yesterday?

What was she doing at 11.50 yesterday?

Think of what they were doing: from ten till eleven?

(2) We use Past Continuous for:

general description of a background situation.

The sun was shining but a cold wind was blowing. A lot of people were hurrying to catch a bus. Describe what was happening when you left home this morning.

Past Simple and Past Continuous

We use Past Continuous to say that something (a short action) happened in the middle of something else (a longer action)

I was playing a computer game when my boss came in.

Match the picture and its description:

Comment on the picture. Use past continuous.

Past Simple and Past Continuous

We use Past Continuous to say that two or more longer actions were happening at the same time

I was reading while Sarah was watching TV.

Describe the picture

Past Simple and Past Continuous

We use Past Simple to say that one thing (a shorter action) happened right after another

I got up, put on my jacket and went out.

Describe the picture:

Then / Finally.

Use: First / After that/