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I am a..

Read the statements. Drag the labels into the right column.

Sort these Input / Output devices into two columns.

INPUT DEVICES Joystick Pointing Devices Numeric Pad Remote Control Graph Plotter Inkjet Printers Digital Camera Scanner Heaters CRT Monitors Actuators Monitors TFT Monitors Buzzers Lights Speakers OUTPUT DEVICES

Dot Matrix Printers


Laser Printers

Chip and Pin Reader Touch Screen

Magnetic Stripe Reader

What am I?
This activity asks you to use your new knowledge and apply it to real life! Read the statements. Use the text book to help you if you need to. Write the answer in the blank space in RED

What am I?
1. I am a common method of input you might find on a PC or laptop. I am a keyboard . 2. You can find me at the bank. Im quick, but only deal with entering numbers. I am a mainframe computer. 3. You make a selection using your finger. Find me in a tourist office or a train station. I am a touch screen 4. Use me to scan important photos or documents. I normally sit by a computer. I am a scanner. 5. A university lecturer might use on of these because the board is too big! I am a porjector 6. I am part of a laptop computer or sit by a PC. I am one of the most important output devices. Without me you dont see anything. I am a moniter. 7. I get used by schools, businesses and organizations for my high speed. Im popular too for working on a network. I often break down! I am a laptop. 8. Im an ultra modern device. People love me because I save space and look good. I am an output device. I am a flashdrive or usb for short. 9. Teachers love these. It saves them time. Its an automatic device that can read very fast. I am a optical mark reader 0r omr for short.

Living Legends Only those who are truly a living legend will get to these questions. These are exam styled questions, designed to get you thinking. Hmmmmm!

Input / Output Questions

Explain the purpose of an input device Used for the entry or either instructions or data into the computer for processing Laptop computers enable people to work on the go. Name two input devices normally used with a laptop Mouse or a scanner or speakers Give the name of one input device on a laptop that could not be found on a desktop computer. Touch pad If you wanted to dictate a book by voice, which input device would you use? A microphone Whats the purpose of a magnetic stripe reader? Read data stored in the magnetic stripes on a plastic card