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cutting-edge technology for fast RCMP processing

Who may Require DIGITAL Fingerprinting

Canadian Citizenship / Immigration Background Checks Permanent Residence in Canada U.S. Entry Waivers Border Crossing / Foreign Travel Certified Criminal Search (Foreign/Domestic) Record Suspensions (Pardon) Applications

Employment Name Change Adoption

Are my fingerprints still on file?

If you were charged with a crime and were found not guilty or were never convicted, your fingerprints and photographs (FPS number) will remain on file with the Police agency which charged you and the RCMP.

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Under authority of the Identification of Criminal Act any person in lawful custody charged with a hybrid offence (almost all offences are hybrid) may be fingerprinted and photographed.

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Fingerprint impressions are recorded by a police agency and forwarded to Identification Services where they are classified. As a result, a Fingerprint Section (FPS) number is assigned to the fingerprinted person. FPS numbers are assigned for life and searchable by authorities at any time.

Searching Fingerprinting services for citizenship applicants then visit to

RCMP accredited fingerprinting agency Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) your local police service

Which Identification required Before applying for DIGITAL Fingerprinting

Any 2 identification from following Passport Driver's Licence Birth Certificate Canadian Citizenship Card Permanent Resident Card Certificate of Indian Status Immigration Documents i.e. work or study permits Military Family ID card (MFID) Record of Landing for Citizenship Applicant Certificate of Live Birth Nexus card

Time Duration for digital fingerprints to be processed by the RCMP?

Criminal record Exist - within 120 Days (No Guarantee) No Criminal Record No Exist - within 72 hours (No Guarantee)

Why fingerprints are use for identification purpose

It is totally unique to the person It never change

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Fingerprints divide into 3 general groups of patterns Loops Arches whorl

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Digital Fingerprinting technology also use for protection of multimedia from unauthorized redistribution.

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