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Need Solution General Methodology Components Required Work Done Till Now Application

Machines available for different purpose.

Absence of medical facilities on emergencies. Unavailability of doctors.

So our project is made to solve the unavailability of doctors and medical stores in certain rural areas. In our project we are going to create a device which will provide the user :
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Information about AMBULANCE service. Availability of DOCTOR nearby Diseases information Medicine according to its disease Multi Language Interface Touch Technology

Start Welcome Screen Select Language Medical Facilities Select Services Disease (Symptom s) Doctor Medicine Select Disease

Ambulance Facilities

Insert Coin
Give Out the Medicine



IR sensor

Micro Controller

Serial connection

Touch Screen Display

Medicine mechanism

Front End: Touch screen display on the device, slot for entering the coin. Outlet for the coin and tablets. Back End: Microcontroller, Database for Medicinal information, software and coin checking, mechanism for tablet outlet. Software: Language: C++ or java, VB

Touch screen:
Interaction between user and machine so user can select medicine and symptoms as per requirement.

IR Sensors:
It is used to detect weather coin inserted or not. Accordingly signal will be send to microcontroller .

Power supply:

MAX 232:
IC MAX 232 is used to make microcontroller logic levels to compatible with serial port of personal computer because microcontroller is working at logic 0 0V. and logic 1 - 5V. While for serial port logic 0 ( 3V to 13V) and for logic 1 ( 3V to -13V)

Motor Driver:
Motor Driver will drive DC motor depending upon signal received from microcontroller . Motor driver IC can drive maximum 2 motor

Depending upon signal received from coin sensor and touch screen IR Sensors it will drive motor driver circuit for outlet of medicine.

Features of C-89S52
8K Bytes of In-System Reprogrammable Flash Memory

128 x 8-bit Internal RAM

32 Programmable I/O Lines Two 16-bit Timer/Counters Six Interrupt Sources Low-power Idle and Power-down Modes

Current status:

Abstract & literature survey completed Block diagram & basic working mechanism completed Circuit diagram with component understood Started with PCB designing of the circuits

To make hardware implementation (Soldering & wiring)

To make software implementation(develop program logic for microcontroller)

To give final touch to project

Dynamic GPRS system

Smart card like facilities(No need to carry cash tokens)

Video conferencing between doctor & patient Calling & SMS system directly to doctor, ambulance & hospitals

Can be placed in the rural areas where doctors are available at

a far distance. Thus unless the patient reaches the doctors place, it can at least have some preliminary medicine.

It can be implemented at the highways were the doctors are

not available. So any emergency condition can be handled.

It can be implemented in long route trains.

Even at railway stations and bus depots