Similar products
• Jumanji – this is similar due to this including a board game that becomes real life. • Saw – this is similar to our film because our film includes a gamekeeper - someone overseeing the happenings in the game like Saw.

Results of market research
• We created a survey with 8 questions on that we gave to 20 people within the ages of 17-18, from this survey we discovered what the majority of the audience wanted to see in a film. • We found out that the favourite genre was thriller as 50% of the audience chose. • The favourite location for a horror was, dark woods and a scary house • 70% said they would prefer to see a female take the leading role in a film • 80% said they would prefer the ratio of females to males to be equal • 70% said they would prefer to watch a film with a complex storyline • 60% said that they would find a dark room most scary • 100% said that they don’t think costume is very important • 75% said that they would prefer to see action rather than dialogue

Comedy 10% Romantic 5% Action 5%

What film genre do you prefer?

Horror 30%

Thriller 50%

What location would you prefer a film to be set 1 said Paris 2 Canada Scary house 6 Abandoned places 4 Dark woods 6 Dark scary area 1

In a thriller film what gender would you prefer to see as the leading role?

Would you prefer the majority of the characters to be?
Male 0% Female 20%

Male 30%

Female 70%

Equal 80%

Which would you prefer to see most of?

What setting do you find most scary?

Dialogue 25%

Abandoned areas 20% Outside 10% Action 75% Woods 10%

Dark room 60%

Which would you prefer to see most of? How important is the costume of the characters to you?
Very 0% Dialogue 25%

Action 75% Not very 100%

Genre conventions
Conventions of Horror/ thriller • Death – the players die if they get the riddle wrong • Blood/gore – their death will be horrible • Abandoned places – the places which are filmed are old and scary, look abandoned e.g.. A cellar, woods • Suspense/ tension – suspense is build when the players have to answer the riddles, see if they are going to die or not • Action - action is built up when the players have to complete their challenges • Scary – the gamekeeper is scary, its also scary because is includes gruesome scenes • Psychological – the riddles are difficult and play on your mind • Black/grey/red – these are the colours associated with horrors films, red – red room that player 12 is stuck in. Black and grey - overall the lighting in the film will be dark and gloomy, the gamekeeper dressed in black, woods and cemetery black and grey

Target audience
• We are targeting our film towards 16 to18 years old, this is because the characters in our film are between the ages of 17- 18 therefore the audience will be able to relate to these characters. At the beginning of the film they are all having fun, drinking with their friends which is typically what teenagers do. Also, when we did our market research we gave our survey to teenagers within this age range to see what they preferred to see in a film. We have tried to include as many features preferred audience to ensure that we meet our target audience.

• What effect has theory had on your product

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