Project Members

Hafiz Zahid Rasool Majid Ali Majid Rehan Khan 091320- 007 091320- 079 091320- 043

Advisor: Mr. Farhan Iqbal

Co Advisor:
Mr. Jawad Ullah

Design and Implementation of Intelligent Uninterrupted Power Supply (i-UPS)

Introduction to i-UPS
In modern power systems UPS are very popular among the countries which are facing electricity crises. Due to its portability, it can be used easily and UPS is a back-up power system used to prevent power loss or damage to a computer or other critical piece of electrical equipment and electronics appliances. Some prominent advantages our iUPS are:

Continuous of electricity. Lower future cost for maintenance/battery replacement. One battery to maintain. Lower initial cost of equipment/installation. Upgradeability and increase system reliability. Unattended shutdown of multiple servers and operating systems. Pure Sine Wave(approach) Fix Output Voltage w.r.t Load Change  Dual Phase Selection Dual Output voltage in OFF LINE MODE(energy saving)

Project Applications
Auto selection of sources
Auto stop of battery charging

Continuous Temperature sensing of battery
Level(status) of Battery

Automatic load control
Display different status by LCD

Continuity of backup in critical battery

FP-1 Deliverables(achieved)
Simulation of design and flow chart of our project. Selection of Micro controller and Programming . Chose Coding language and software. Study about Sensors and Electronics Devices.

Understanding of working of UPS.

Implementation and interfacing of sensors, LCD and electronic devices with Micro Controller.

FP-2 Deliverables(continue...)

Hardware design of i-UPS Present i-UPS with working condition.

Power Management


Source Selection


Battery Management




Temp Sensor

Block Diagram(i-UPS) Intelligent Uninterrupted Power Supply

Implementation Tools:

Component we use
LM 35 (Temperature sensor) PIC16f877A

Relay 12V DC and 220V AC

Power transistor

LCD 16 x 4

PWM ic SG3524

Supply Transformer

Power Transformer


Main Intelligent Unit
Temperature Sensor for Battery Protection:

Schematic diagram of Temperature Sensor

Schematic diagram of Power Drive Unit(Darlington pair)

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