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Population in 2010 estimate 170.6 million The size of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) PPP Total $451.

.972 billion and nominal is Total $177.901 billion Per capita income PPP is $2,713 And nominal is Per capita $1,067

the 27th largest in the world in terms of purchasing power

Monstrous Debt Education Poverty Inflation unemployment Excessive Population Suicide bombing


Large military spending Imports exceed exports Expensive fossil fuels plant Large interest bearing debt Imbalance in bop

Minimizing army expenditure Balancing trade imbalance Equilibrium in imports and export Avoiding energy from fossil fuels plants Leave reliability on foreign debt



61.2% of Pakistan illiterate 50.0% male illiteracy 75.6% female illiteracy No control of population 1.5 to 2.0 percent of the total GDP is give to education. Weak educational system Reforms in education system Awareness of importance of education Availability of Cheap and good education Women should given opportunities to work and study. Gap given to education should be 7%.



Poverty rate in Pakistan is between 23% and 28%. Only 40 million out of 160 million work force Uneducated population unattractive to foreign business No balance in income and expenditure.


Education should be compulsory for every one Control on population Employment agency should be made.

Inflation was 14.2% in 2009 Floods and increase in price of fuels increase inflation Shortage and demand of food,fuel,energy are the main cause of inflation. Black marketing of things.



Government should keep a check on prices Future planning must be done strict action against black marketing mafia. Balance in imports and exports

Most of the foreign investment is lost because of suicide attacks Tourist industry is collapsed Millions of people died in attacks Instability in foreign exchange

Understand the core problem Educate people about it Take strict action to end it


Uneducated population Less job opportunities Automation of machinery Lack of infrastructure Lack of foreign investment


Education level should be increased Job opportunities be increased More factories be made Appreciate foreign investment by giving benefits.

Unemployment rate
16.00% 14.00% 12.00% 10.00% 8.00% 6.00% 4.00%

Unemployment rate

0.00% 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

Pakistan population is about - 2010 estimate 170.6 million It is the sixth most populous country in the world Steps should be taken to into control limits. There should always be a equilibrium between population and resources.