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Ch 6-The Effective Sales Executive

Job of sales executive: Its more action oriented. Their plans cover rather short periods and concern near term personal selling objective. In short, main concern of marketing management is future well sales management is present-i.e. here and now. Knowledge required: Not be very explicit; but feel for problem and solution. Keen awareness about company and department goal. Nature and type of contribution of sales department can make. They must know how to analyze information, how to combine its significance with their experimental knowledge and judgment.

Nature of sales management positions

Position Guide-sales manager
Reporting relationship- reports to vice president of marketing. Job objective- to secure maximum volume of sales through effective development and execution of sales program Duties and responsibilities. 1. Sales program 2. Organization 3. Sales force management 4. Internal and external relation 5. Communication 6. Control Performance criteria- it is considered satisfactory when o Department sales are equal to or more than budget. o Profit contribution is in line with plan.

Position guide- District sales manager

Reporting relationship: reports to sales manager Job objective: to secure maximum sales in sales district in accordance with sales policies and programs. Duties and responsibilities- he is responsible for the effective deployment of selling effort and maintenance of good trade relations in assigned district. He is expected to concerned with 1. Supervision of sales personnel 2. Control 3. Administration 4. communication Performance criteria- it is considered satisfactory when o Districts sales are equal to or exceed the budgeted. o Districts total expenses are no higher than amount budgeted. o Profit contribution in district office and warehouse is in line with plan.

Functions of sales executive

Basically two sets of functions: operating and planning Operating function include: - sales force management - handling relationship - communicating and coordinating with other marketing executive - reporting to superior executive Planning function include: - those connected with sales program, organization, its control. - setting personnel selling goals - formulate sales policies and personnel selling strategies. - designing the sales organization, staffing it, developing the skills of those who are part of it, and providing leadership to it. S.E. is responsible for control activities like control over sales activity, volume, expenses.

Relative emphasis that S.E. gives to operating and planning functions is varies with
1. 2. 3. Type of product Size of company Type of supervisory organization

The significance attached to operating and planning functions varies with the product. If the product is consumer good, sales executive attach the greatest importance to planning function. If the product is industrial good, S.E. gives importance to operating functions. Time spending on both activities is influenced by the size of the company- small company: less time on planning and more on operating and vice versa. Time spending is also influenced by supervisory organization.

Qualities of effective sales executive:

Ability to define the positions exact functions and duties in relation to the goals the company should expect to attain.

Ability to select and train capable subordinate and willingness to delegate sufficient authority to enable them to carry out assigned task with minimum supervision.
Ability to utilize time efficiently. Ability to allocate sufficient time for thinking and planning. Ability to exercise skilled leadership.

Relation with top management

If sales executives are to achieve goals, not only must they know where they are going, but top management must be keep abreast of their progress. Effective sales executive harmonizes their own goals with those of the organization. They both set mutually compatible goals, friction causes both to short fall. S.E. reconcile his goal through interaction with top management. Effective sales executive accepts his responsibility but avoid becoming indispensable. Effective sales executives are highly qualified as problem solvers and decision makers, which guard them taking too many of their problems to top management .

Asking for help in deciding problem is asking for closer supervision (and less authority) Effective S.E. keep top management informed on important decision and departments plan and accomplishment. Their reports ensure that top management knows in broad outline the problems encountered in selling companys product, the way they are handled, and result accomplishment

Relation with manager of other marketing activity

1. 2. 3. 4. Relation with product management With promotion management With pricing management With distribution management

Compensation patterns for sales executive

Selling is important to the success of a company, so its not surprising that sales executives command substantial compensation. It is reflected in the compensation of top marketing executives who often earn six figure annual incomes. In large company, 1/3 of compensation is in the form of bonuses. Small companies are less spectacular about financial rewards, but even their sales executives ranks among the highest paid official.

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