Advanced PowerPoint XP Techniques

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Class Objectives

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Creating statistical charts Creating organizational charts Creating tables Drawing with AutoShapes Using clip art Applying custom animation Insert sounds and movies


A basic understanding of PowerPoint
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You can create and add slides You use the various “view” icons You can apply and change a template design You can refine slide text You can add a photograph or clip art You use transitions and builds

Creating Statistical Charts

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Creating a chart slide Editing data Selecting a chart type Entering labels and numbers Animating the chart Using data from MS Excel

Spice Use in Hot Countries
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Meat; 9 and vegetable 6.5 Meat 5.9 and vegetable 3.2 Meat 4.3 and vegetable 2.8 Not as successful in presenting the statistics as using a chart or a table.


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Meat 3.2 and vegetable 2
Meat 4.3 and vegetable 1.7


Spice Use in Hot Countries (scanned)

Spice Use in Hot Countries
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0

S/R Meats S/R Vegetables

In di a

tn am


pp in es

en y


V ie

Ph ili


ex i


Spice Use in Hot Countries

Number of spices used per recipe
10 # spices used
S/R Meats S/R Vegetables

5 0
India S/R Meats S/R Vegetables 9 6.5 Kenya 5.9 3.2 Mexico 4.3 2.8 Vietnam Philippines 4.3 1.7 3.2 2


Sample Copy and Paste

250 200 150 100 50 0 Jan Feb March Ap May June Supplies Taxes Rent Salaries Inventory

Sample Import

300 250 200 150 100 50 0 Jan Feb March Ap May June Supplies Taxes Rent Salaries Inventory

Creating Diagrams and Charts

Creating diagram or chart slide Adding a diagram or chart to an existing slide Using an existing diagram or chart

Working with an Organization Chart
League of Lefties
Renee Gauche National Director Wash D.C. Sylvia Southpaw Assistant

Extra Box

Greta Links Director California

Lenora Smith Director New York



Mary Jennifer

Eve Steve

Creating Tables

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A built-in feature of PowerPoint Use to display text or numbers as text Quick to make Easy to modify

What are the options for managing a with patient with an ASCUS, favor dysplasia report?

This scanned table does not work at all! No one can read it, including the presenter.

Suggested Protocol for Management of Abnormal Paps
ASCUS Repeat Pap every 6 months for 2 years OR intermediate triage (acetic acid wash, etc.) OR proceed to colposcopy ID source of infection; repeat Pap in 4-6 months

ASCUS with inflammation

ASCUS in postmenopausal women ASCUS with suspected dysplasia ASCUS in patient with prior SIL

Estrogen vaginal cream prescribed for 4 weeks; repeat Pap smear; if normal Pap annually; if ASCUS, colposcopy Proceed directly to colposcopy

Proceed directly to colposcopy

How do you junk your computer?
Frame CPU Motherboard Battery Cable Hard Drive Heat sink Monitor yoke CRT
Material 5 lbs steel Gold tips Cooper, silver, gold Nickel, cadmium Copper wiring Aluminum Aluminum or copper
Copper, rubber, plastic

25% lead

Value .25 cents $1/chip $2 (toxic) .09 cents .10 cents .40 cents/ .90 cents (toxic)

Spice Use in Hot Countries
India Kenya Mexico Vietnam Phillippines Meat






6.5 3.2

Using AutoShapes and Drawing

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Add simple graphic shapes Resize Rotate Flip Combine objects Create 3-D objects with perspective

Welcome to Super Bowl 40!

With your host Melissa Hill

Rectangles and Ovals Squares and Circles

For a perfect square: Select rectangle; hold down shift and drag

For a perfect circle: Select oval; hold down shift and drag

Shadow Shadow Line fill


Curves and Freeforms

Straight line Scribble Curve

Double Arrow

Objects and Connectors
One Two Four


Using Clip Art

Finding Re-coloring

Right click on clip art to bring up the Picture toolbar

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Ungrouping WordArt

Clip Art - Ungrouping


Clip Art and Text

The Green Frog
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Indicator of a healthy environment His croaking soothes the soul

Applying Custom Animation

You can animate
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Title Text Charts Clip Art, photographs or slides AutoShapes

Protecting ourselves from food

Spices and morning sickness may shield us
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From toxins Microorganisms Based on common sense cooking Tradition

The antimicrobial hypothesis
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Alternative hypotheses

Any questions!
Thank you!

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