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Body language –
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communication without words
Physical appearance Gestures Postures Facial expressions Eye movements Spatial relationships Touch Artifacts

1.Physical Appearance

• Dress, hairstyle, make-up etc provides clues about the personality of an individual.

• It is an important part of body language and generally refers to the way one stands, sits and walks.


 Gestures are movements of the body  The physical movement of arms, legs, hands, torso and head are known gestures. They play a very important role in conveying meaning without using words.

Facial expressions


A popular saying goes like this. ”The face is the index of the heart”. Whatever we feel deep within ourselves is at once reflected in the face. It plays an important role in face-to-face communication, we convey a lot without speaking a word.

Diff. facial expressions


Eye contact • Studies have shown that better eye-contact leads to more effective communication communication. • When we look at somebody face we primarily focus on his eyes and try to understand what he means.

Spatial communication
• The study of communication through spatial distances is called proxemics. • four types of distance communications1. Intimate distance 2. Personal distance 3. Social distance 4. Public distance

Touch communication- haptics

It is the most primitive form of nonverbal communication.

Artifactual communication
it is a communication through artifacts

When Body language Goes Wrong, EveryThing Goes wrong

Tips to improve body language
• • • • • • Establish good eye contact. Graceful movement. Use Hands More Confidently. Don’t Cross Your Arms And legs. Be Careful with the handshake. Keep A Good Attitude.

Abhishek N Rokhade