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7signals is taking advantage of an opportunity to become a highly distinguished and recognized industry leader in the cellular communications industry.  It is the goal of our company to become established as the leading distributor of wireless communications services.  In order to achieve this goal, 7signals’ critical success factors will be to identify emerging trends and integrate them into 7signals’ operations, respond quickly to technology changes/be there early, provide high-quality services, continue to invest time and money in marketing and advertising, continue to expand into specialty markets, and stay ahead of the "technology curve."

Customer Satisfaction

Brand Awareness

Quality Services

Better Feedback & Customer Care Services

Low Cost

High Value

India : World’s 2nd largest growing sector in terms of wireless services  Telephone Subscribers (Wireless and Landline): 885.99 million (June 2011)  Land Lines: 34.29 million (June 2011)  Cell phones: 851.70 million (June 2011)  Monthly Cell phone Addition: 11.41 million

Threats Of New Entrants


Bargaining Power Of Buyers
Bargaining Power Of Suppliers Pressure From Substitutes


Competitive Analysis

It comes as no surprise that in the capital-intensive telecom industry the biggest barrier to entry is access to finance. To cover high fixed costs, serious contenders typically require a lot of cash. When capital markets are generous, the threat of competitive entrants escalates. When financing opportunities are less readily available, the pace of entry slows. Meanwhile, ownership of a telecom license can represent a huge barrier to entry. In INDIA, telecom operators must have to apply to theTRAI to receive regulatory approval and licensing. There is also a finite amount of "good" radio spectrum that lends itself to mobile voice and data applications.

With increased choice of telecom products and services, the bargaining power of buyers is rising. Let's face it; telephone and data services do not vary much, regardless of which companies are selling them. For the most part, basic services are treated as a commodity. This translates into customers seeking low prices from companies that offer reliable service. At the same time, buyer power can vary somewhat between market segments. While switching costs are relatively low for residential telecom customers, they can get higher for larger business customers, especially those that rely more on customized products and services.

It might look like telecom equipment suppliers have considerable bargaining power over telecom operators. Indeed, without high-tech broadband switching equipment, fiber-optic cables, mobile handsets and billing software, telecom operators would not be able to do the job of transmitting voice and data from place to place. But there are actually a number of large equipment makers around. There are enough vendors to dilute bargaining power.

Products and services from non-traditional telecom industries pose serious substitution threats. Cable TV and satellite operators now compete for buyers. The cable guys, with their own direct lines into homes, offer broadband internet services, and satellite links can substitute for high-speed business networking needs. Railways and energy utility companies are laying miles of high-capacity telecom network alongside their own track and pipeline assets.

Market Segmentation





 Universities

& Institutes  Upcoming Call Centers  C.U.G. / Family Packs / Firms Packs  Transport Tracking Systems  Tourist’s Pack  Blackberry/iPhone/Samsung Tie-Ups  NEWS Channels 24x7 Services

• Prepaid • Postpaid • Blackberry/ iPhone Wireless • Value-added Services

•Haryana •Himachal Pradesh •Punjab • • • Chandigarh Delhi Uttar Pradesh



• Strong Emphasis on youthful & energetic image • Celebrity endorsers – Prominent youth Icons • Sponsors social & cultural events • Major sponsors of prominent sports events.

• Flexible Pricing • Variable Customer Based Pricing

  

MARKET Call Rates : 1p/1sec Caller Tunes : Rs.30/Month Rs.15 Per Change BB Services : Rs.399/Month Rs.199/Month iPhone Services : Rs.599/Month

  

7SERVICES Call Rates : 1p/2sec Caller Tunes : Rs.29/Month Rs.9 Per Change BB Services : Rs.349/Month Rs.151/Month iPhone Services : Rs.501/Month Rs.251/15 Days

Yes ! We are the 1st …

TECHs & Resources

Signals Satellite Trans. Trans.

Mainte nance



IBM Global Process Services



• From ancestors land • 75% capital amount will be from loan

• 1st year expected expenditure : 70 Crores

• 100 Crores

10 Cr = TRAI Charges  10 Cr = Advertisements  20 Cr = Setup Charges  07 Cr = Raw Materials  05 Cr = Customer Service Set-Up Fee  05 Cr = Signals Transmission Set-UpFee



Handsets Sales (Profit Margin)

BB/iPhone Apps/Web Words


15-20 Crores (Recharges)

15-20 Crores
5-10 Crores (Services)

Monitoring & Controlling

RBI - Reserve Bank of India भारतीय ररज़र्व बैंक

MCA Ministry of Corporate Affairs
TRAI - Telecom Regulatory Authority of India भारतीय दरसंचार विनियामक प्राधिकरण ू


For Financial Audits &Checks

For Distribution Of Spectrum

MCA For Incorporation

Success Of New Launches

• Strengthen promotional strategies to stimulate brand awareness.

New Entrants
Capture Rural Market

• Entry barriers
• Product Differentiation

Pricing Aggressive Promotion Track developments Marketing Mix


As a New Entrant, Our Main Focus Will be On Our Target Market. We Will Better Concentrate On Services Rather Than Profits..