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Modern technology email or instant messaging are necessity or burden

Presented by : Ali Jibran Samina badam Zain-ul-Abid

Sharing of words and symbols between living organisms

The communication process is complete once the receiver has understood the sender


Basic communication system

Cave paintings The oldest known symbols created with the purpose of communication through time are the cave paintings, a form of rock art.

History of communication

20,000 years for homo sapiens

carvings into an rock surface

History of communication


(popular around 6000-5000 BC)

A symbol representing a concept, object, activity, place or event by illustration

History of communication

Ideograms graphical symbols that represent an idea

History of communication

Writing late 4th millennium BC.

Alphabet pure alphabets

History of communication


Distance Offices located in different locations 2. Language Use of different language in office premises or across different location can act as major communication barrier. 3. CulturePeople prefer to live in the company of other people with known habits and traits

Barriers of communication


Attitude/Ego Workplace personality conflicts 5. Hierarchy People below the hierarchy generally find it difficult to approach and talk to their superior. 6. Written CommunicationCommunication written badly without use of proper language generally leads to confusion and can act as barrier to communication. 7. GenderPeople find it comfortable to talk, confide and relate to people from same gender and hence this leads to ineffective communication.

Barriers of communication


Focus/ListeningInability of employees to interpret the information or provide adequate focus leads to ineffective communication. 9. Knowledge Inadequate knowledge within a function act as major hindrance when it concerns the communication within or outside the group. 10. Relationship Groupism , favoritism, friendship etc

Barriers of communication

Examples of modern technology in communication
 

E-MAIL INSTANT MESSAGING Social networking services such as Facebook, msn, twitter Fax Telephone mobile phone

people get their email accounts from their "ISPs“  software comes with your computer: 1. Outlook Express(Windows) 2. Mail (MAC)
  Other powerful softwares 1. Thunderbird (Windows/Mac/Linux) 2. Microsoft Outlook (Windows) 3. Microsoft Entourage (Macintosh) 4. PowerMail (Macintosh).


Microsoft's Windows Live Hotmail

Yahoo! Mail
Google's Gmail.

Other ways to get E-MAIL ACCOUNTS

It is an easy to communicate With your teachers , colleagues , parents

E-MAIL become yesterdays technology



Your message doesn't wait for someone to check an email account


     

Communicate effectively
Respond to client quickly and easily Sent quickly Low cost of sending Easy to use

Copy someone (BCC)
Send attachments

Benefits of modern communications

book appointments in other people’s diaries. saves time. convenient for you.

 

speeds up the workflow process
saves paper and printing costs.

Benefits of modern communications

Service AIM eBuddy Gadu-Gadu IBM Lotus Sametime 53 million active >100 million total 35 million total

User count

Over 6 million active (majority in Poland) 40 million total (licensed, entitled users in enterprises)

IMVU Agent Meebo MXit Paltalk PSYC Skype

50 million active
1 million total 1 million active (daily) 1 million total 11 million total (9 million in South Africa) 3.3 million unique visitors per month 1 million active (daily) (majority in Brazil) 23 million peak online 309 million total 61.3 million peak online (majority in China)

Tencent QQ
VZOchat Windows Live Messenger Xfire Yahoo! Messenger Facebook

440 million active accounts (includes users with multiple accounts).
990 million total registered accounts. (majority inChina) >550,000 330 million active 16 million total 248 million active registered Yahoo global users Claimed 500 million users

The main advantages are :

2. 3.


Reduce paper cost Reduce huge recording Time saving Convenient way Reduce production costs


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