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Leave Management System Web Demo

Wed - Sept 26, 2007

Leave Entry
 Web entry leave request form. Entry point is through ADW - absence entry  Short term leave requests will create corresponding absence

 Entitlement Checking once dates and times are entered

Leave Form Creation
 Leave form customizable for each absence code/leave type  Leave form can display and collect specific leave type data (i.e required documents, information regarding bereavement request etc.)

 Required documents received by HR can be recorded (though not stored) online.

Leave Creation and Inquiry
 Automatic leave record creation and interface with OPS and BAS  Status notification for both employees and managers  Inquiry on leave at any stage of the process will display details of leave request and approval up to the current state

Leave System Benefits
• Online submission and routing ensures faster, more accurate processing from submission to approval • Enforces form completion through required field validation • Entitlement and budget checking / validation • Customization of form by leave type

Leave System Benefits – con’t
• • • • • Less duplication of effort Replaces hand-written forms with clear data. Immediate creation and update of leave records Simultaneous creation of leave and absence Proper matching of leave and absence record because they are linked at the point of entry

Bereavement Leave Schedule

Bereavement Leave Application

Bereavement Confirmation

Bereavement – PRM Confirmation

Bereavement Leave – Principal Section

Bereavement Leave – HR Section

Bereavement Required Documents

Bereavement – View Change

Bereavement Close Warning

Bereavement Leave Cancellation

Other Leaves Authorizer Comment prompt

Other Leaves Invalid GL

Other Leaves – Valid GL

Professional Development - Redirection

Professional Development – Customer Validation