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Dr Kavita Pathak Professor, Marketing Area

. wants.What will you learn in this course? How to market in an environment of changing needs. and lifestyles? How to effectively develop a marketing mix to suit strategies? How to develop services and bundle them with products when consumers are demanding more personalized services? How to comprehend consumer psyche and behavior in the background of new technologies? How to sustain marketing efforts in a socially responsible manner? How to apply marketing thought and customer orientation to business and non-business situations.

Learning Outcomes After attending this course you are expected to Develop a sound understanding of the fundamental marketing concepts. . Relate with marketing function in a creative way  Design marketing related value enhancers for the organization  Bring about a fresh perspective on marketing issues and challenges facing a profit. Comprehend the marketing function in an organizational context for accomplishing its purpose. not for profit and public policy related organization.

topics and groups to be finalized in the next lecture 10% As per the exam schedule Presentation 1 to 10 as per the course outline Presentation .Assessment component Assignment one Assignment two Quizzes Mid term exam Description Environmental scanning Review of STP and marketing mix Combination of questions Conceptual questions. situation specific questions and cases Weight 10% 10% 20% 20% (mid term) Due date 2nd November 2012 1st December 2012 unannounced As per the exam schedule End term exams 30% (end term) In-class.

Rules of conduct •Extension of deadlines in not negotiable. hear us out and bear us out. •Show respect to the lecturer and your fellow learners. . Please observe the time-lines • your mobile phone and mine shall be switched off for the duration of the lecture •You will have to work on three of your assessment items in group of 5-6 students. •Make sure you work on your assignments in a staggered manner and not put everything off closer to the deadlines. make sure you select a functional team. Any issues of contribution from different members should be resolved early and deadlines should not suffer on account of malfunctioning team .

pathak@jaipuria. Please keep meeting me regularly during my consultations with queries or course related help. I am available for consultation on the following days and time: •Days: Wednesday (Section A).30 PM •my e-mail: kavita. Propose debates and conduct them with this group. Observe marketing around you. I will include in each class queries from ET news Make reading of Economic Times a habit. . Thursday (Section B) and Friday (Section C) •Time: 2. and participate in the debates and post your observations and questions on face book group.30 PM to 3. You may use this platform to seek clarifications on classroom teaching as well.Self help approaches You are expected to follow up the facebook page of the first year students.

ET queries of the week Please think about and discuss why the following actions are being taken and what are their implications?  Closure of Kingfisher airlines and the role of DGCA ( 6th October)  Combo loan offer from PSU banks (4th October)  Meet Biyani the story teller (4th October) Retail FDI will grow on farmers(4th October) SC Directive on Drug Pricing upsets calculations of Pharma companies (5th October) .

Understanding the marketing function (Module 1: session 1) Session coverage  why marketing? How could it be defined? Marketing management tasks?  what is it’s purpose for various stakeholders? .

Why Marketing? It earns me my revenue It connects me to my customers What do you think ?????????????? What will become of me if there was no Marketing? THINK !!!!! .

 societal process Individuals and groups Need Want Exchanging Products Services Values .What is Marketing? Marketing is a societal process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating. offering and freely exchanging products and services of value with others.

Let us figure it out Telecom services Banks Societal process Individuals & groups Yes Yes Needs & wants Exchanging Products Services Value .

Marketing Management Tasks  Developing marketing strategies and plans Assessing marketing opportunities and customer value Choosing value Designing value Delivering value Communicating value Sustaining growth and value .

What is its purpose for various stakeholders Consumers Management Employees Investors Community Regulators  Suppliers Let us discuss !!!! .

What marketing tasks did Kingfisher Airline fail at? 2. How will the closure of the airline impact the various stakeholders? Questions you will need to answer tomorrow from Marketing Excellence: Nike (page 27-28 of the text book) 1.Your preparation for the class tomorrow Question you will answer tomorrow from ET 1. 2. 4. How How How How is Nike creating value for its customers? many types of products and services does Nike offer? is Nike communicating value to its customers? is Nike sustaining its growth? Anyone may be asked to answer the questions. be ready !!!! . 3.

Ten topics are to be selected  read marketing excellence and think about answers read the news items on Kingfisher Airlines and answer the questions asked review chapter 1 of your text See you tomorrow !!! . session plan and readings etc. Form groups of not more than five-six members today.My expectations from you  Go through your course outline carefully to get familiar with assessment items. I will ask you to intimate the group members tomorrow  take part in a lottery draw of presentation topics tomorrow .