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Introduction: o Function of production department is depend upon size of the firm:  Small firm  Medium firm  Large firm .

Functions of production department:  Materials  Methods  Machine & equipments  Estimating  Loading & scheduling  Routing  Despatching  Expedition & follow up  Inspection  Evaluation .

so that can he can select appropriates material for his product.production manager must have knowledge of materials and their properties.1. .MATERIALS:  Selection of materials for the product .

to search for the method to suit the available resources.  Identifying the sequence of process are some of the activities of production management.2. .Methods:  Finding the best suitable method for the process.

Machine & equipments:  Selection of suitable machinery for the process desired. designing the maintenance policy and design of layout of machines are taken care of by the production management department. .3.

ESTIMATING:  To fix up the production targets and delivery dates and to keep the production cost at minimum.4. .

Loading & scheduling:  Production management department has to draw the time table for various production activities. specifying when to start and when to finish the process required .5. .

from the store to the packing of finished product.6. .  It consist of fixing the flow lines for various raw material.Routing:  This is most important function of PMD . components etc.

 These documents are to be released from PMD to give green signal for starting the production. .  Activity of releasing the document is know as Dispatching.Despatching:  The PMD has to prepare various documents for the each & every component of the product.7.

 This will help the management to evaluate the plan. .8.Expediting & follow up:  Once the documents are dispatched the management wants to know whether the activities are being carried out as per the plan or not.

9.Inspection:  This activity during production. a separate quality control department does the quality inspection .which is not under the control of production management. .  If the inspection is given to the production management then there is chance of qualifying the defective product also.

10.Evaluation:  The production department must evaluate itself and its contribution in fulfilling the corporate objectives & the department objectives. .

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