Group members : Debasish Senapati  Suvesh Ku. Sahoo  Anil Ku.

Pradhan  Kula Bhusan Pradhan

Branch :- Mechanical


 .  To provide good quality products.  To achieve a modest net profit by year two.  To achieve a healthy profit margin within the first year.To provide a wide range of merchandise at reasonable prices.

 To provide the employees proper pay package.To provide prompt service to the customers.  To give the customer proper treatment at a bargain price  .

 Cheap yet quality products accessible to all .

 Scarcity in availability of regular medicines.Scarcity in availability of plastic items  Scarcity in availability of daily need items.  The prices of the products are very costly.  .

  Sell a broad range of products Encourage customer input .

household goods.  Materials to be brought on a regular basis.  . regular medicines and a list of items too exhaustive to list here. candy.Plastic items.  We will be selling the products at a discounted rate as the materials will be collected from Wholesalers. cosmetics.

To sell products to the students.  Start with effect from October.2012  Company Ownership: o Taken up by us . faculty members .etc. with proper customer service.  Location: next to the variety store.

           Rent of the building: Owner investment: Short term borrowing: Marketing fees: Layout fees: Electricity bill: Employee salary: Equipment cost: Other requirement cost: Total investment: Total profit .

and our pricing will attract consumers  This store will attract faculty members.We expect sales to increase steadily as consumers can purchase a variety of quality items at bargain prices  We expect to enter the CIT market with pricing that will encourage quantity buying. lower earner group people basically those who are price conscious. students.  .

 Plastic Items :- .

 Cosmetic Items :- .

 Medicin Items :- .

 Cookies Items :- .