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Crash Course on Creativity

Assignment 3 Framing and Reframing

Sailesh Rao Suresh Sethuraman Yogesh Gupta Carolyn Chafer

Team 26913

with one loaf of bread we can…… .

…share with friends adding social value .

clean wallpaper see http://www.miss-thrifty.….uk/2008/12/17/how-to-clean-wallpaper-with-bread/ adding environmental value .co.

make lots of sandwiches ….for a party adding social value .….

…. originating in India adding aesthetic value (and saving on dishwashing!) .serve a curry Bunny Chow – a South African fast food dish.

absorb the smells of cooking veggies just place a piece of bread on top of the cooking pot and it will absorb the smell adding environmental value .….

green or red pepper.make gaspacho • • • tear bread into medium sized pieces and put in a dish with water to soak chop tomatoes.…. salt and some water and blitz delicious! adding nutritional and emotional value . garlic and onion put everything into a blender with a slug of olive oil. cucumber.

html adding nutritional and environmental value (line caught fish is sustainable) .go fishing see http://www.…

make a summer pudding adding nutritional and emotional value .….

dried fruit. cream & sugar make this very delicious British pudding adding nutritional and emotional value . eggs.make a bread and butter pudding buttered sliced bread.….

make sesame prawn toast ….….to go with a stir fry adding nutritional and aesthetic value .

make soldiers ….….to remind us of childhood adding nutritional and emotional value .

….pick up broken glass press a slice of bread in the area where the broken glass has fallen – it will collect the small pieces – make sure to place the bread into a strong. sealed rubbish bag afterwards adding environmental value .

make some croutons to add to soup adding nutritional value .….

….make garlic bread ….for a social supper adding social value .

….to share with our loved ones adding emotional value .make a bacon sandwich ….

when we’re feeling peckish adding nutritional value .….make a cheese & tomato toastie ….

Our team had a google hangout and this is what we discussed: .

Adding value • Use some of the bread to catch some fish from the Hudson River in NYC • Offer our fish to those who have suffered in the recent disaster. ask them to make a donation either monetary (to enable us to purchase more bread) or other foodstuffs (for example vegetables to make soup or fill sandwiches • Use some bread to absorb the soup instead of using spoons – no purchase of spoons necessary and no dishwashing • Use any left-over bread and vegetables to make gazpacho – the bread makes the soup more dense and therefore more filling . together with some bread • If people are able.