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Some Basic Researches of Advanced Manufacturing Technology Supporting Product Innovation, Project of Major Program, NSFC, 59990470 Research

on the Modern Design of a New Type High-Speed Rotation Machine and Knowledge Acquiring System, National Key Technical Research and Development Project, MOST, 98-15

Web-Based Innovative Collaborative Design of an Active Magnetic Bearing System for a Turbo-Expander
Internet-Based Center for Design and Manufacturing National Ministry of Education

NSFC(No.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15)

Nov., 2003

1. Member Institutions of the Innovative Collaborative Design (1)
In order to demonstrate web-based innovative collaborative design using distributed knowledge resources, the design of an active magnetic bearing system for a turbo-expander, which was requested by a Turbo-Expander Co. Ltd. (TEC), was carried out by Internet-Based Center for Design and Manufacturing (IBCDM), National Ministry of Education. The related top-level knowledge resources within our country were integrated and the whole process of design, analysis and preparation of manufacturing were completed on the Internet. It is shown that the idea of knowledge service can be used to speed up innovative product design in our country.

NSFC(No.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15)

1. Member Institutions of the Innovative Collaborative Design (2)
The resources are provided by:  Theory of Lubrication and Bearing Institute (TLBI), Xi’an Jiaotong University  Advanced Manufacturing Technology Laboratory (AMT), Xi’an Jiaotong University  Department of Mechanical Engineering (DME), Tsinghua University  Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Systems (DIMS), Huazhong University of Science and Technology  National Engineering Research Center for CAD Software (NERC-CAD), Huazhong University of Science and Technology

NSFC(No.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15)

2. Introduction to Turbo-Expander (1)

The key process in air separation is to liquidize the air or natural gas. Liquidized oxygen, nitrogen, or other useful components can be obtained at different liquidizing temperature. Therefore, refrigeration devices are very important in the system and a turbo-expander is the key equipment among refrigeration devices. For a turboexpander, a bearing system with low power consumption, high reliability, ease of monitoring and maintenance, and low cost is preferred.

NSFC(No.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15)

2. Cooling and Cycling Systems Sliding Bearings Fig 1. Introduction to Turbo-Expander (2) Oil Tank and Oil Filtrating.turbo-expander with sliding bearings A Turboexpander Adopting Sliding Bearings System NSFC(No.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) .

3.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) . Shortcomings of Traditional Turbo-Expanders  High power consumption and low efficiency;  A large lubrication subsystem (several times larger than the main-body turbo-expander);  Pollution caused by oil leakage NSFC(No.

power amplifiers and actuators. NSFC(No. a controller. and zero error is maintained.4. Principle of Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB) 径向磁轴承 推力磁轴承 径向磁轴承 l 传感器 转子铁心 转子 推力盘 功率放大器 控制器 五自由度磁轴承-转子系统 5-axis AMB and rotor system An AMB is composed of sensors.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) . The principle of the AMB is: the value of control voltage is given by the controller in accordance with the position error measured by the sensors. The control voltage is amplified to drive the actuators.

the lower the critical speed)  Satisfying the constraints on castability  Satisfying the constraints on machinability of the housing and other parts  Satisfying the constraints on assembility of the AMBs … NSFC(No.5. Difficulties in the Design of AMBs for Turbo-Expanders  Determining geometric parameters of the AMBs  Controller design (load capacity and stability)  Shaft neck protection in power off (auxiliary bearings)  Analysis of critical speed of an AMB rotor system (the longer the rotor.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) .

The structured service information of a KRU is registered into UDDI registration center via web. First step of the Integration: Knowledge Registration (1) The precondition of the web-based product design is a knowledge service provider promulgating his/her service world wide so that a service applicant can discover the well matched knowledge resource units (KRUs) conveniently. Discovery and Integration) protocol provides the capability for knowledge service providers and applicants to discover each other.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) .6. NSFC(No. A widely supported UDDI (Universal Description.

First step of the Integration: Knowledge Registration (2) 资源单元1 数据 库 资源单元2 Internet UDDI注册中心 资源单元i 资源单元n NSFC(No.6.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) .

5.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) . 3. The KRUs return their service in XML format to the design entity. KRUs register their service information to UDDI center manually or automatically. Scheme of Description (Promulgation) and Discover (Search) (1) 1. NSFC(No. to the design entity.7. The matched KRUs return information. 2. A design entity searches for useful KRUs manually or automatically. The design entity sends design service application in XML format to one or more KRU(s). such as the method of service application. 4.

7. Scheme of Description (Promulgation) and Discover (Search) (2) 设计实体 5 4 资源单元 2 3 1 UDDI注册 中心 Knowledge description and discovery using UDDI protocol NSFC(No.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) .

a large lubricant subsystem is needed,and pollution may be caused by oil leakage.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) .8. TEC decided to develop a turbo-expander using AMBs and applied knowledge service for the design of AMBs. An Enterprise Applicant (a real company) TEC A turbo-expander produced by TEC has double-impellerstructure with working speed of 30000~40000rpm. NSFC(No. The rotor is supported by sliding bearings. The efficiency of the expander is low. According to market investigation.

NSFC(No.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) .9. Searching a Knowledge Service Provider AMT Xi’an TEC TEC browsed UDDI registration center provided by IBCDM。 Several KRUs listed as A-G for AMB design were obtained in search using active magnetic bearing as key words.

Using KSPA software of AMT. TLBI was chosen as a cooperator for the design of AMBs. NSFC(No.10、Knowledge Service Provider Assessment (KSPA) AMT Xi’an TEC TEC found that AMT provided KSPA service by searching UDDI registration center further.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) .

11. NSFC(No. Submitting Design Requirements AMT Xi’an TEC TLBI Xi’an TEC submitted design requirements and related design drawings to TLBI via web.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) .

59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) . machinability and assembility of the design. TLBI located further cooperators among registered knowledge service providers. etc. TLBI asked services from other KRUs. TLBI designed the AMBs. evaluating dynamic property. new partners joined the alliance dynamically in the process of the design in according with the requirements. As the second level design entity. In order to analyze castability. A primary alliance of TEC. A Dynamic Primary Corporation Alliance (1) As the first level design entity. NSFC(No.12. including deciding the geometric parameters. Continuously using UDDI registration center and KSPA of AMT. TEC designed the air flow path for the expander and gave constraints on the design of AMBs using its own knowledge resources. TLBI and AMT was formed.

12.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) . A Dynamic Primary Corporation Alliance (2) AMT Xi’an TLBI Xi’an TEC NSFC(No.

NSFC(No.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) . Web-Based Collaborative Design (WCD) Platform AMT Xi’an TEC TLBI Xi’an IBCDM provides a WCD platform. on which authorized users can manage project related KRUs and drawing/data exchange dynamically.13.

查找 TLBI carried out a conceptual 服务注册 服务请求 design of the AMB.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) . Using selfowned resource of web-based Web-based knowledge service software. Geometric Design of the AMB AMT Xi’an TEC Web服务 发布 捆绑 TLBI Xi’an According to the requirements.14. NSFC(No. geometric parameters were obtained and saved in XML format.

15. NSFC(No.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) .Works format was produced dynamically. the data in XML file were read. A primary design of 3D-CAD drawings in Solid. The program is a self-owned resource of TLBI. Result of the Geometric Design of the AMB AMT Xi’an TEC TLBI Xi’an By calling a VC program for SolidWorks 2nd application development.

Controller Sensors Amplifier Magnets (Actuator) Auxiliary Bearings Fig 2.16. Dynamic Property Evaluation In the design. It is shown that the critical speed is not satisfied. expander with AMBs and auxiliary bearings The Turboexpander Adopting Active Magnetic Bearing System with Auxiliary Bearings Protecting Shaft Neck in Power Off for shaft neck protection in power off NSFC(No.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) . so that the critical speed is lower. TLBI carried out the dynamic property evaluation using a Matlab program by calling self-owned resource. the rotor is longer and slimmer.

the auxiliary bearings were removed for shortening the rotor and a satisfied critical speed of the rotor system was obtained. NSFC(No.17.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) . Dynamics Analysis and Redesign Controller Sensors Amplifier Magnets (Actuator) Fig 3. Turboexpander Adopting Active Magnetic Bearing The expander with System without Auxiliary Bearings auxiliary-bearing-free AMBs In redesign.

NSFC(No. a kind of coated film was found. an innovative idea of coating films on the poles of the magnets to protect the shaft neck was proposed.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) . Coating Film Design The auxiliary bearings are used for shaft neck protection in power off. By inquiring the coating film data base of TLBI. which protects the shaft necks when power off takes place at 40000 rpm and at the corresponding compress ratio.18. In redesign.

59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) . Coating Film Design Controller Sensors Amplifier Magnets (Actuator) Polymer Films Fig 3.18. Turboexpander Adopting Active Magnetic Bearing System with Polymer Films Protecting Shaft Neck in Power Off The expander with AMBs and polymer films NSFC(No.

The member institutes with different interests agreed with each other on the design after exchanging the ideas by repeated web-based dialogue.19.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) . NSFC(No. Exchanging Ideas with TEC AMT Xi’an TEC TLBI Xi’an The design was presented to TEC via Netmeeting and Communitor.

Castability AMT Xi’an DME Beijing TEC TLBI Xi’an TLBI gave parts and assembly drawings of the design in UG for further knowledge service. TLBI applied from DME for the service. TLBI searched and assessed service providers of castability. The castability of the cover and base were assessed. and chose DME to provide the service.20. The housing of the primary design was very complex.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) . The CAD files were downloaded by DME via WCD platform. NSFC(No.

Submission Castability AMT Xi’an DME Beijing TEC TLBI Xi’an The castability of the cover and base was analyzed by DME.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) .21. A report of the analysis and comments was returned to TLBI via WCD platform. Optimizing the cast process of the base NSFC(No.

NSFC(No. DIMS downloaded CAD files of the design to assess the machinability.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) . Machinability DME Beijing AMT Xi’an TEC TLBI Xi’an DIMS Wuhan The 3D drawing of the stator of the thrust AMB With the help of UDDI and KSPA system. TLBI found that DIMS was qualified in machinability assessment.22. and asked it to conduct the service.

Submission Machinability Results DME Beijing AMT Xi’an TEC TLBI Xi’an DIMS Wuhan Machining process of the stator of the thrust AMB Machinability analyzed by DIMS was returned to WCD platform. NSFC(No.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) .23.

NSFC(No.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) . and asked NERC-CAD to conduct the service.24. TLBI found that NERC-CAD was qualified for assembility assessment. Assemblity DME Beijing AMT Xi’an TEC TLBI Xi’an DIMS Wuhan NERC-CAD Wuhan With the help of UDDI center and KSPA system.

The files were converted to the model in VRML2 format for the analysis of web-based concurrent assembly.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) . NSFC(No. The planning. simulation and assessment of the web-based concurrent assembly were realized. A report on the analysis of the virtual assembly and comments on the design were submitted to the WCD platform. Submission Assemblity Results (1) NERC-CAD downloaded the CAD files of the design from WCD Platform.25.

Submission Assemblity Results (2) DME Beijing AMT Xi’an TEC TLBI Xi’an DIMS Wuhan NERC-CAD Wuhan NSFC(No.25.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) .

Once the design was finished. in which new knowledge of the design was included. Manufacturing (1) TLBI composed the final design by collecting all reports. Machining codes of the parts for hot.26.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) . NSFC(No. The primary design was revised.and cold-working were prepared in parallel with the assessment. manufacturing could be started at once.

26. Manufacturing (2) DME Beijing AMT Xi’an TEC TLBI Xi’an DIMS Wuhan NERC-CAD Wuhan NSFC(No.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) .

Internet-Based Remote Experiment DME Beijing AMT Xi’an TEC TLBI Xi’an DIMS Wuhan Client interface of remote experiment NERC-CAD Wuhan Internet-based remote experiment technique was developed by TLBI.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) . NSFC(No.27. and the design was assessed in the physical test.

manufacturing. The final result was reached and returned to TEC.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) . and physical test.28. Design Result DME Beijing AMT Xi’an TEC TLBI Xi’an DIMS Wuhan NERC-CAD Wuhan TLBI synthesized the reports on redesign. assembility. NSFC(No. etc. castability.

a test model of an innovative design of a turboexpander with AMBs had been manufactured. Web-Based Remote Monitoring and Diagnosis Center (1) So far. The running performance would be checked thereafter.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) .29. NSFC(No. TLBI developed a web-based remote monitoring and diagnosis center for the purpose. It is necessary to monitor and acquire its life-cycle information. The center provided the service of acquiring product running information.

59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) . Web-Based Remote Monitoring and Diagnosis Center (2) NSFC(No.29.

The running behavior and information of a product may show whether the design is reasonable. Product Life Cycle Information Acquirement Design 工作站1 工作站2 …… 工作站n 制造部门 安装部门 互 联 网 远程服务器 设备诊 断中心 触屏监 测站 并行采 集站 烟 汽 机 组 触屏监 测站 并行采 集站 主风机 数据服务器 并行采 集站 压缩机组 触屏监 测站 The running period of a product is the longest and the most important period in its life-cycle. Therefore.59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) .30. to acquire design knowledge. NSFC(No. a very important path is to collect the running information and then compose it into knowledge.

59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) .31. which has a wide social interests and tremendous economic benefits. NSFC(No. it ran stably and the performance was satisfied. The research ensures our country to be able to design and manufacture the hightech turbo-expander with AMBs. Success in Experiment (1) Experiments in TEC showed that the test model increased and decreased speed smoothly.

59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) . Success in Experiment (2) TLBI Xi’an TEC A photo of experiment The rotor and AMBs NSFC(No.31.

59990470) & NKTRDP(98-15) . Conclusion TLBI Xi’an TEC The rotor With the efforts of all cooperators. an innovative design of an AMB for a turbo expander was carried out by integrating distributed knowledge resources. The rotor and bearing NSFC(No.32.

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