Best Herbs in Tea Blends

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Jane’s favorite Tea Herbs
Jane Hawley Stevens Four Elements Organic Herbals North Freedom, WI.

put tea into tea bags and sell to regional grocery stores • Grew. .Four Elements Received USDA Value Added Producer Grant to expand Tea Line • Received a MATCHING grant of nearly $300. * Developing packaging. Due back next week! *Traveled to CA. to expand tea line. harvested. etc for a Jan 1 product launch. to visit processor and Traditional Medicinals. plus other Herbal Mecca's.000. and dried 450 pounds of mixed herbs.

The Tea Herbs… Lemon Balm. Urtica dioca Holy Basil. Matricaria recutica . Chamomile. Ocimum santum Roses. Rosa spp. Melissa officinalis Nettles.

1-3 teaspoons per cup of water . after that. seeds and roots need to be simmered for 10-15 minutes to release their qualities.How to Brew a Proper cup of Tea • Boil water • Pour over herbs. keep herbs in water • For minerals. let steep for at least 3 hours to overnight • Bark. (leaves and flowers) 1-3 teaspoons per cup of water • Cover • Let steep for 10 minutes.

• Anti-viral. relieves anxiety. This releases constraint and relieves pain. Melissa officinalis • Calms spirit. circulates heart chi. he is incapable of understand truth and beauty.Lemon Balm. reducing swelling. ~Japanese Proverb . depression and irritability • Restores nerves • Brings in joy. reduces infection If man has no tea in him. proven to reduce herpes/ cold sores • Good for stomach upset • Dispels heat.

get hardy. easy varieties to care for like the Knock Out or Carefree series . ~T'ien Yiheng Woody perennial.Roses. Astringent Used internally and externally Heart remedy Clears the brain Anti-convulsant Anti-microbial Hypnotic Antioxidant Smells and tastes great The Herb of Love Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world. Rosa spp.

also re-seeds. The Importance Of Living .Nettle.” ― Lin Perennial. good for hair and nails. “There is something in the nature connective tissue. adrenals. of tea that leads us into a world of blood quiet contemplation of life. nourishes the blood. so this is best infused for a longer time. Yutang. Urtica dioica Loaded with minerals. arthritis. encouraging your body to create anti-histaminesGood for allergy season Restorative for lungs. thyroid. Has more chlorophyll than any other plant Promotes detoxification Contains histamines. relieves coughing and wheezing Rich in iron and vitamin C Good for anemia. Promotes expectoration.

Nettles trichomes under an electron microscope Impressive! .

Relieves stress / adaptogen Bolsters immunity Enhances stamina Provides support during cold season Promotes healthy metabolism Warm season annual.Traditional in India. taken everyday to stay healthy Tulsi means “The Incomparable One” or “The Queen of Herbs” From the Aryuvedic practice which believes using plants will promote health and longevity. re-seeds sometimes .

every forest. are twice blessed by the gods. fear. every village. middle parts of the plant and in the flowering tops respectively. Oh Narada! The three gods. there misery. Vishnu and Rudra reside in the roots." Oh. wherever the plant of Tulsi is grown. The offering of Tulsi leaves to Lord Vishnu/ Krishna should be considered the best way of worshipping Him. Tulsi in all aspects and places is holier than holy. Lord Vishnu and other gods shower their blessings on the people who worship and grow Tulsi. Through the worship of Tulsi. disease and poverty do not exist. " . the souls of all our ancestors are pleased and our path to the heavens is opened. This is why the plant of Tulsi is the most holy plant of the earth. Those who plant and nurture Tulsi in the Shiva temple or in any other place of worship. Where the breeze blows through Tulsi plants. such as Naimisharayana and Prayag. it spreads Tulsi's fragrance making the surrounding area pious and pure. Narada! Every house. Brahma.

sleep inducing • Great for indigestion • Moves energy in body. Drinking a daily cup of tea will surely starve the apothecary. ringing in ears.Chamomile. Matricaria recutica • Calming. Blooms till July. fever • Reparative on tissues. releases headache. great on skin • Great hair rinse with leftover tea • Easy to grow: re-seeding annual. ~Chinese Proverb . irritability • Reduces inflammation.

Camilla sinensis Oats /oatstraw Fennel Mints Red Clover Raspberry Leaf Lemongrass Lemon Verbena Sage Thyme Lavender .Honorable Mention • • • • • • • • • • • Tea.


steep for 3-10 minutes.GO TO GARDEN. if desired. sweeten. pour and enjoy! . MAKE TEA! It is easy to make your own teas from the garden. fill loosely with herbs. PICK HERBS. pour boiling water over them. You can just take a quart jar.



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