Floating Ball & Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves

BALL VALVES Side Entry Top Entry Cryogenic Multi Port Soft Seated Metal Seated Cryogenic Trunnion U Design Construction (Piece) Soft Seated Metal Seated Welded Body Trunnion Floater Trunnion Floater Trunnion Floater Trunnion Floater T Port L Port Trunnion N S M P W X C D T L E Trunnion B 2.3 RF .Tounge & Groove BN .Small Groove LG .Flanged Raised Face Serrated RS .2.3 1.Butt Weld + Nipple Extension O .Flanged Flat Face Smooth RT .3 2.3 2.2.Large Groove TG .Screwed BSP End Connection NP .Flanged Raised Face Smooth FF .2.Socket Weld SN .3 2.Socket Weld With Nipple Extension BS .Flanged Flat Face Serrated FS .Screwed BSPT SG .3 N/A N/A 2.Screwed NPT BW .3 2.2.3 1.3 1.3 1.Flanged RTJ SW .3 2.Butt Weld DN .DIN BT .Other than above .

400#/ PN64 Ratings 5 .ENP (Electroless Nickel Plating) w .Casting) 8 .Inconel M .CF8 / SS304 / F304 Body & Ball 6 .CA15 / SS410 / F6A U .Tungsten Carbide n .CF8M / SS316 / F316 3 .Overlay h .Other than above Bore F .Hard Chrome Ball/Seat Coating s .Monel O .WCC L .WCB (Carbon Steel .Reduced / Regular C .Forging) 7 .300# / PN40 4 .LCC 4 .150# / PN16 2 .Stellited c .Forging) 2 .LCB (Cold Temperature Service .Chromium Nitride O .LF2 (Cold Temperature Service .A105 (Carbon Steel .800# 9 .900# O .Full R .1 .CF3M / SS316L / F316L A .1500# 3 .CF3 / SS304L / F304 5 .Duplex SS W .Casting) 1 .600# 8 .2500# 6 .Chrome Carbide t .Other than above .Super Duplex I .Other than above e .

Bonnet Extension DP .VITON (Synthetic Rubber) O .Jacketed LT .Nylon-PA12 L .Actuated C .Hand Lever A .Delrin P .Inconel M .Forging) U .Low Temperature (-46C/-50F) XX .Long Pattern JK .Double Piston Effect Non Relieving SP .Stem Extension BE .Other than above F .F316L (Standard .Gear L .Forging) 2 .Other than above T .Duplex SS I .A105 (Carbon Steel .Non-Fire Safe B .LF2 (Cold Temperature Service .PCTFE (PolyChloroTriFluoroEthylene) V .Metal Seat 1 .Short Pattern LP .F304 (Stainless Steel 304 .Chain Wheel O .Fire Safe Seat Soft Seat Fire Safety Operator N .Other than above SI .Bare Stem G .F316 (Stainless Steel 316 .RPTFE (Reinforced PTFE) N .Forging) 5 .Forging) 4 .Pup Piece SE .PEEK (Thermoplastic) E .Forging) 3 .F304L (High Temperature Service .Forging) 6 .PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene / Teflon) G .Monel O .Sealant Injection PP .Nylon-Devlon D .Special Requirement To Be Specified SI SE BE SP LP Special Requirement .

and also seats. screwed. . socket weld or butt weld. It is simple for installation and easy for maintenance.Single Piece & Three Piece Single Piece Three Piece One piece design feature eliminates any Three Piece design is compact and is possible leakage to atmosphere through available with a variety of pipe ends like unnecessary joint faces. seals and ball can be replaced quickly without disturbing pipe alignment.

Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves Type of Valves Design S1 Floating Ball S2 S3 Trunnion Mounted Ball N2 N3 2"-12" 2"-56" 2"-12" 2"-56" Class 150# 300# 400# 600# 800# 900# 1500# 2500# 1/2"-3" 1/2"-3" 1/2"-12" 1/2"-12" 1/2"-12" 1/2"-2" 1/2"-2" 1/2"-2" 2"-12" 2"-56" 2"-12" 2"-36" 2"-24" 2"-12" .

. soft insert gets burnt and spring loaded seats ensure metal to metal sealing.Fire Safe Design Floating Ball Trunnion Mounted Ball In the event of fire.

Graphite and O-rings arrangement in ensure electrical continuity between ball. body.Multiple Stem Sealing Floating Ball Trunnion Mounted Ball Antistatic devices are built in the valve stem to Stuffing gland. . stem and stem area prevents leakage to atmosphere.

Double Body Sealing Floating Ball Trunnion Mounted Ball Double seal combination of O-ring and spiral wound gasket ensure perfect body joint sealing. .

.Double Block and Bleed Trunnion Mounted Ball Each ball seats shut off the line fluid independently and the upstream and downstream side. allowing double block operation. the valve bore and the body cavity will be isolated from each other. When the pressure is simultaneously applied to both sides of the ball in closed position. and the residue within the body cavity can be released through the drain plug.

. leakage from the seat and stem can be prevented by injection of sealant into these fittings.Sealant Injection System Trunnion Mounted Ball When the sealing materials (seat sealing or stem O-Ring) are damaged or decomposed by fire or other accidental causes.

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