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Nursing homes are meant to be safe havens for the elderly, but a surprising number of abuse cases are filed every year.

Neglect and mistreatment run rampant in certain homes and too often the victims dont have a chance to speak up for themselves.

The only way to fight for your loved ones and bring justice upon these distressing and oppressive parties is to hire a Chicago nursing home lawyer. Please read the following slides for a clear explanation of the most common cases represented by a nursing home attorney in Chicago.

Also known as pressure ulcers, Bed Sores are caused by constant pressure on certain areas of the body. Bed ridden patients are prone to bed sores and your Chicago nursing home lawyer understands this. There are four stages of Bed Sores and if left untreated can cause serious health complications and even death. If you recognize any of the sores on the following page contact a lawyer in Chicago immediately.

Stage 1: A tender, red area of the skin which remains once the pressure is relieved. Stage 2: A chunk of skin is lost and may resemble a blister or shallow hole. Stage 3: A significant portion of skin is missing and exposing the tissue beneath. Stage 4: A sizable portion of both skin and tissue is lost exposing muscle or bone.

Malnutrition is a difficult symptom to pinpoint. A variety of health issues such as cancer, Type 1 Diabetes, and insulin resistance all prevent patients from properly absorbing nutrients and can mirror the effects. Please reference the following page for a list of malnutrition warning signs.

Changes in the Skin or Hair Hair Loss Swelling Belly Cracking of lips Strange Food Cravings Weak Muscle Tone Bleeding/Swollen Gums Tooth Decay Inflamed Eyelids Glassy Eyes

Although the physical effects of bed sores and malnutrition may be obvious to eye, the psychological effects of Verbal Belittling are not. Nursing home attorneys in Chicago are experienced in fighting this mental abuse and giving your loved a legal voice.

Persistent Verbal Belittling can lead to: Depression Anxiety Agitation Insomnia Stress

If you notice these sudden mood changes you must act now.

While some physical restraints are in place to aid post-surgery patients and those vulnerable to falls, they can be used to humiliate and punish unwilling patients as well. Unreasonable restraint is against the law and your Chicago nursing home lawyer will fight to have the staff members brought to justice.

The use of chemicals can be just as limiting as physical restraints. Altering a patients medication or feeding them sleeping aids and mood stabilizers can lead to a list of medical complications and also have a severe effect on their mental wellbeing. Mixing medications is never beneficial and can often be fatal.

Believe it or not, unexpected falls and fractures are a leading cause of injuries and even death for ages 65 and older. No matter if the patient is prone to falling or it was an accident, if the nursing home is at fault they will be held accountable with help from your nursing home attorney in Chicago. Here are some Red Flags for falling accidents.

Lack of Supervision Lack of Appropriate Lighting Loose Objects on the Ground Loose Hand/Guard Rails

The reasons patients need breathing tubes may vary, but one aspect of these breathing apparatuses is universal: they all must be attached properly and functioning correctly for the patient to survive. Patients needing an Endotracheal Tube or who have undergone a Tracheotomy rely on these tubes to provide them the oxygen their body needs. The following two slides explain each of the aforementioned tubes and how they must be administered.

Tracheal tubes are a catheter inserted into the trachea to establish an unblocked air path. Endotracheal tubes are almost always inserted through the mouth or nose. Modern Endotracheal tubes are made of polyvinyl chloride but can also be constructed of latex rubber, silicone rubber, or stainless steel.

Tracheotomy is one of the oldest surgical procedures known to man and is basically the same today. Surgeons make an incision on the anterior aspect of the neck and insert a stoma or a tracheal tube to allow the patient to breathe freely. As with the endotracheal tube, tracheal tubes must be kept free of debris and food particles.

The fact people actually manipulate seniors with dementia and Alzheimers disease is despicable, but Chicago nursing home lawyers truly enjoy bringing the guilty party to justice. Significant fines and jail time are applicable, for they are committing a crime, and the culprits will get what they deserve. Look out for these common ways of exploitation:

Money Has Gone Missing Property and Jewelry Disappear Suspicious Activity of Caregiver or Relative Unusual Financial Documents Begin to Appear Strange Transactions Appear in their Bank Account

Improper dosing, missed dosing, and mixed medications are accountable for an alarming number of unnecessary medical complications and deaths every year. Chicago nursing home lawyers are able to use medical records and prescriptions to file a case prove these errors are unjustified. Please refer to the following slide for a reference guide:

Administrative Disorder Nurse Error Failure to Monitor Side Effects Improper Use of Medications

Wrongful Care cases are dependent on the specific needs of the patient. Each patient will have a file that clearly states the need for bed repositioning, medications, dietary supplements, therapy, and other special service needs. Overlooking these mandatory actions, which have been assigned by a medical professional, can lead to a wide variety of complications and end in serious injury or death. Here are three common cases of Wrongful Care a nursing home attorney in Chicago will undertake:

Seniors in a nursing home need human interaction other than their caretaker. Social programs and exercise classes keep these residents in good spirits and helps their bodies and mind remain strong.

One glaring form of neglect is ignoring the concerns and complaints of the elderly. Careless and inattentive staff members may portray their cries for help as annoying rather than legitimate concerns.

A misdiagnosis, for whatever reason, is absolutely unacceptable in a professional facility. Your nursing home lawyer in Illinois can once again use the patients medical history and signed prescriptions to file a case in court.

Your loved ones may either be unaware of these travesties or too afraid to speak up in fear of retaliation. Are you ready to say Enough is Enough and fight for their rights?

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