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Introduction How to Access Internet via Cable Network Cable Modem Work Of Cable Modem Hybrid Adapter Support for Multiple PCs Advantages & Disadvantages Conclusion

Internet is a networks of network(Global n/w) A cable modem connects to a PC using the same coaxial cable that brings all channels to your television.

India has a cable penetration of 80 million homes, offering a vast network for control the internet access.

How access the Internet using the Cable Network

Use the dial-up telephone services provided by your Cable Company in conjunction with a modem.
To use a Cable modem.

Cable Modem

A "Cable Modem" is a device that allows high-speed access to the Internet via a cable TV (CATV) network. The cable modem attaches to computer through an Ethernet Network Interface Card.

It takes a signal from the computer and converts it for transmission over the cable network.

How does it connect

Ethernet 10BaseT is emerging as the most predominant method.

How Cable Modem Is Work

Your Cable Company supplies you with a connection to your home which in turn is connected to a splitter box. One spur from the splitter box is connected to your TV through a TV Adapter, the other being connected to your Cable Modem, which in turn is connected to your computer through an Ethernet connection.

Cable modems can be part modem, part tuner, part encryption / decryption device, part bridge, part router, part NIC card and part Ethernet hub.

Splitter Box and TV Adapter

Hybrid Adapter :-

Support For Multiple PCs

A Cable Modem can provide the Internet access to multiple PCs, if they are connected via LAN.

Using Ethernet hub or Router.

High-Speed Internet Access High Availability High bandwidth to low cost No new software is required Always on Connectivity No reconstruction of cable system is required

Traffic congestion on the net Higher security risk than dialup connections Always on Connectivity Usually tied with cable TV subscription


Cable TV has a strong reach to the homes and therefore offering the Internet through cable be a scope for furthering the growth of internet usage in the homes.
In future this technology will implemented by india.

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