imparted following in various services  • Transparency  • Efficiency  • Accuracy  • Speed  • Quality  • Consistency  • Single Window Process  • Elimination of Middleman  • Citizen Satisfaction .

.  Transfer of registration of vehicles and  various alteration in registration certificate etc is done at 13 regional MLO offices in Delhi though an uniform computerized system where soft copy of records is stored and computer generated Smart Card based registration certificate is issued.Registration of Vehicles  Registration of new vehicles.

This includes totally integrated acquisition & storage of biometric data. . Photograph and Signature of the applicant on the Smart Card as well in the server. • Permanent Driving License of all categories and • International Driving Licenses are issued at 13 regional MLO offices in Delhi though an uniform computerized system where soft copy of records is stored and computer generated Smart Card Driving License is issued.Driving Licence • Learner’s Driving License.

Public Service Badges [PSB] • Transport Department is issuing a Smart Card based Public Service Badges to all Drivers of Public Service Transport vehicles for. . • Proper identification • Better Service and • Compilation complete information of Driver • Process to issue these PSB is fully computerized from data collection to printing.


Online payment and appointment system for citizen ease • Detail of all the Driving Licenses available on web site (transport.delhi.000. • Any branch can serve any customer • Number of licenses issued (till date) > 1.000 • License Delivery through Speed Post at home .Interconnectivity of all zonal offices • Core Banking Architecture based solution developed for licensing .First time in India • Citizen Focus .gov.

the process from making payment of various Fees & Taxes to Testing & Recording of various parameters required to be tested for verifying fitness of a vehicle to issuance of Fitness certificates is seamlessly computerized.Vehicle Fitness • At Vehicle Inspection Unit. Burari. .

. type of permits and validity of permits.Permits State Transport Authority is issuing all type of permits for commercial goods and passenger vehicles though a fully dedicated software which keeps track of payment.

• All PUCC issued by any center could be viewed through a web base password protected interface. spread over geographical boundaries of Delhi are issuing PUCC though a uniform software which is integrated with Pollution Checking Hardware and networked with a data server at Transport HQ. .Pollution Under Control Certificates 550 authorized centers.

RTVs. a computerized certificate is issued and data are stored at a centralize server at Transport HQ.CNG Leak Detection Test Buses. . Gramin Seva vehicles running on CNG are required to undergo a quarterly CNG leak detection test which done on around 33 centers and test data are collected on a uniform web based software at all centers.

Enforcement All challans issued by Enforcement wing are registered and monitored through a dedicated software at Transport HQ. . • A new web based system is launched to issue challans though a onboard computer at Transport Department’s interceptor vehicle and Test run is on.

Vehicle Tracking System Transport Department has setup a GPS based vehicle tracking system in collaboration with DIMTS to monitor the movement of DTC. punctuality and routes to provide better service . Cluster & Blueline Buses for quality.


. accurate and efficient fare collection system.AFCS-ETM Transport Department is implementing Automatic Fare Collection System and Electronic Ticketing Machine for collection of fare from passengers of DTC and Cluster Buses to ensure fast.