Presented To : Respected faculties Presented By: Patel Karishma(11MBA10) Aghara Disha(11MBA57) Patel Hina (11MBA55) Darji Palak (11MBA18) Parmar Varsha (11MBA03)

it is planned to increase steadily until it reaches 65 in 2025.  From April 2004. . Under present plans.Japan law Retirement  Age of Employees Most companies have their employees retire at age 60. But the age at which government pensions kick in is steadily rising and will continue to do so. the age at which government pensions will kick in will raised be to 62.

Japan Law The In (cont’d) minimum amounts as initial capital for establishing the company the New Company Law. source: http://www8.ne. the restriction of the minimum amounts of the initial capital has been abolished.ogn.a stock company).htm#1) . or 10 million yen or more for Kabushiki-Gaisya (KK . Now you can set up a company with only one yen or above as the initial capital.jp/~risk21/company-law. with which you were not able to establish a company without investing 3 million yen or more for a YK. The minimum amounts that had to be invested upon companies’ establishments in old Commercial Code and the Law of Yugen-Gaisya (YK – a limited company).

 The amendment will not affect the holiday work extra pay ratio (35%) and late-night work extra pay ratio (25%). the regular. .Japan Law  Amendment  (cont’d) to the Labor Standards Act The Labor Standards Act of Japan was recently amended for the purpose of maintaining workers‘ health and achieving work-life balance by seeking to limit long working hours. the employer must pay extra overtime compensation that exceeds. The amendment will become effective on April 1. if an employee works overtime and the amount of overtime exceeds 60 hours in one calendar month. by at least 50%. 2010. non-overtime wage.  Increase in the Overtime Work Compensation Rate:  Under the amendment.

Nissan. sharp.Epson and Toshiba. NEC. panasonic fujitsu. Mitsubishi and subaru are the greatest companies known in the world. Nintendo. and japanese electronics products accounts for a large share market compared to majorieties of other countries . Toyota. Htachi. Mazda. canon. Then in the other fields Honda. •Japan is well known for its automotive and electronics industries throughtout the world.Technology Of Japan • Japan is the only country in the world that has the largest international conglomerates like sony.

nuclear energy has become Japan’s priority. panasonic . Japan is the third largest nuclear power in the world.Technology Of Japan    Since Japan is much dependent on imported fuel. canon. Presently. It has 55 nuclear reactor now. They provide japan’s 35% of electricity Japan is the only country in the world that has the largest international conglomerates like sony.

Technology Of Japan (cont’d)   Japan is a one of the leading nations in the field of scientific research. Japan has received the most science noble prizes in Asia.technology machinery and medical research with worlds third largest budget for research and development at $130 billion USD. .

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