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Introduction to Mobile Profits

The Mobile Internet world is expected to be worth more than 1 trillion US $ before Y2010. Most of the service that generate that revenue does not exist yet.

UMTS Quality of Services : Classes

Tariff Class Fundamental Characteristic Conversational Class Preserve time variation, Conversational pattern, low delay Voice, video telephone, videogames Streaming Class Preserve time relation Interactive Class Request response pattern, Preserve data integrity Web browsing, network games Background Destination is not expecting data within a certain time Preserve data integrity Background download of emails

Example of applications

Streaming multimedia

Projection of Western Europe Mobile Subscriber 120

100 80 60 40 20 0 1995 1997 1999 2001 Growth 2003 2005 Subscriber

Example of services
Music Messages
Before : SMS Did you hear the latest song of INUL ? After Music Message : 30 seconds of Nice/Pop Song

How many % of calls are placed on mobile phones

> 50 years

30-49 years

< 30 years


40 1996

60 1999



Characteristic of Mobile Services

Background Mobile services will be very different from traditional telecom services ( voice ? ) Mobile services will be very similar to the fixed Internet services ( speed, trial and error, rapid innovation ) A typical mobile operator in Y2000 run 10-20 services ( basic voice call, international call, roaming call, data access/PC, SMS, numbering plan, friends and family pricing plan . ? ) In the future, the operator will manage thousands of services.

Value in Mobile Services

Mobility Personalized Timeliness Time value of information

Most desired services on mobile phone :

Short News Local Info Event Info Sport result Write on screen Request Song Book Ticket Send photo Radio News Video Cam Traffic Info Camera SMS





Other attributes of Mobile Services

Multitasking Multi-session Presence Text to Voice


Example of services Formula

-One advertisement and game - Only for some people, free invitationmessage receiving, paying outgoingmessage


Service Formula : PAIR

Personal Available Immediate Real Time

Service Formula : MAGIC

Mobile Anytime Globally Integrated Customized

Service Formula : 0-1-2-3

0 written manuals
1 button to Internet 2 seconds maximum delay 3 keystrokes maximum to gain access


Mobile Phone : Personal Device


Personal Device
Watch : the first universal gadget Sun Clock, Mechanical Clock, Pocket Clock, Wrist-watch From device to tell time become status symbol, worn by the wealthy and made of precious metals Universal device The only device that man today use 24 hours a day Pen ( ? ) Walkman Portable Game ( Game Boy ) PDA ( Personal Digital Assistant )


Mobile Phone is the most personal device

1980 : executive toy and expensive gadget 1990 : penetrations of 30-40 % = most house start to have 2000 : penetrations of 60-70 % = many children have mobile phone and most adults have it 2005 : penetrations of 80% = many adults have a second or even a third mobile phone Mobile phone become the most personal device Some people abandon the watch


So what ?
Now, the global population of mobile phone is 1 billion Internet-enable PC worldwide : 400 millions PDA : 30 millions Worldwide TV penetration : 1.3 billions

People stop carrying Watch Address book and phone list Cash Credit card Wallet Pen, etc


Desired application of wireless device for Executives

Web Browsing 17% E-Mail 46% \ Office application 9% Synchroni zation 8%

Calendar/S chedule 16%

Contact 4%


Near future evolution of mobile phone

More feature and functions Cost differential will shrink Innovation !