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Pragati 2012

Presented by IIPM, New Delhi Dheeraj Sharma Piyush Sharma Priyambada Singh Rishabh Sobti
4/27/2012 IIPM, New Delhi 1

a tourist destination  Problems of non-season  Recommendations & Suggestions  Bibliography 4/27/2012 IIPM.Pragati-2012 Discussion topics  Introduction  Pink city. New Delhi 2 .

 10% of total foreign tourists arriving India visits the city. 4/27/2012 IIPM.1% & Foreign tourists from 10% to 25%.9% to 10. New Delhi 3 .Pragati-2012 “Pink city” a tourist destination  Part of “golden triangle”.  Increase in Domestic tourists from 4.  Bhangarh Fort has been listed as Earth’s fourth most haunted place.

Pragati-2012 “Kevin Lane Keller’s” CCBE Model 4/27/2012 IIPM. New Delhi 4 .

New Delhi 5 . 4/27/2012 IIPM. Flights. havelis.  JUDGMENTS: Jaipur alone mints 10% of total foreign tourist visiting India every year.14 palaces. Neatness & sanitation system of the city compared to that of London & symmetry to that of Kremlin. Great shopping opportunities. Constance: Picturesque city. Accessible by Good Roads. From Delhi Agra-Trains. Engagement.Pragati-2012 “Kevin Lane Keller’s” CBBE Model for Pink city  RESONANCE: Attachment. 12 historical monuments.  PERFORMANCE: Unique straight line planned city with wide roads.First planned city in India. 7 no.  IMAGERY: Royal capital of Maharajas.  SALIENCE: Jaipur . Loyalty.  FEELINGS: As per view of a French tourist Ms. Clean city. Safe & people friendly. Division of city in 7 rectangular sections. of forts. Many cultural sites to view. with a grand ambience. Range of Accommodation .

Pragati-2012 Problems of Non.  Non-wedding season.Season  Rise in temperature in Jaipur. New Delhi 6 . 4/27/2012 IIPM.

New Delhi 7 .  Early opening of the monuments. Cont.Pragati-2012 Recommendations & Suggestions  Advertising the festivals on international websites held during spring summer.  Launching special discounted schemes during the off-season. 4/27/2012 IIPM.  Archeological help to bring back the night life inside of many other fort.

(Meeting.I. New Delhi 8 . Conventions and Exhibitions).Pragati-2012 Cont. Incentive.E.C.  Providing with basic necessities at the place of festival. 4/27/2012 IIPM.  Proper sitting arrangements and live broadcast of the festival.  Banking on M.  Allowing the tourist to actively participate as competitors during the festival.

Pragati-2012 4/27/2012 IIPM. New Delhi 9 .

4Ps.  Magazines. RTDC. Business Today.indiastats. New Delhi 10 .com.Pragati-2012 Bibliography  Ministry of state for tourism.www.  Websites.  Exclusive interview with director “Sanjay Pandey”. 4/27/2012 IIPM.

Pragati-2012 THANK-YOU 4/27/2012 IIPM. New Delhi 11 .