it has diversified into tennis .  It is accurate and reliable: fans now expect and demand it to be a part of every event.  It was first introduced by channel-9 network in 2002.  Hawk-eye made its first name in cricket yet . Hawk-eye is the most sophisticated officiating tool used in any sport.snooker and coaching. .

 Hawk-eye is currently developing a system for football. .  In tennis it is an integral part of the ATP and WTA tours ( featuring at us open .Wimbledon )  Hawk-eye is the only ball-tracking device to have passed strict ITF testing measures  Hawk-eye traces the path of the ball from start to the end where it comes to rest.Australian open .


 A Snickometer commonly known as Snicko is used in cricket to know whether a fine noise occurs as the balls passes the bat.  This is often used in slow motion replays by umpires to determine if the ball touched the bat or not. .  The 3rd umpire will listen and view the shape of the recorded sound wave and give decision according to it.  Snicko was first introduced by channel-4 network in uk.

 Other sounds such as the bat hitting the pad or the bat hitting the ground and so on will have a fatter shape on the sound waveform. . If there is a sound of ball hitting the bat which is usually a short sharp sound in synchrony with the ball passing the bat then ball has touched the bat.


 This is the most advanced newly added technical tool used in cricket.  It was also introduced by channel-9 network of Australia.  In hotspot the idea is to have 2 infrared cameras static above the field of cricket arena and continuously record play. .  It shows the point where the ball hit the batsman.

.  Heat being produced due to friction is nothing new. Edge or snick .  Ultimately we know where the ball hit the batsman if at all the bat.bat-pad appeal is followed by feeding infrared camera recording into computer which in turn shows the negative image of the incident just happened. so these cameras catches whatever smaller heat they find to show it on negative images.


 But……… . in 2002 there was the introduction of hawk-eye. in 2006 the hotspot and now you can even overturn an umpire decision with UDRS .Now I wonder a day will come when umpires will vanish from sports all because of the technology .For me it is 70-30 in favour of tradition over technology.but some how I think that these technologies are taking the game away from its tradition .In early 80’s there was not even the facility of the third umpire. This ultramodern technologies are used to improve the quality of the game .


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