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Maplewood the cell

Travel Agent Madison Newhook

Welcome to Maplewood, and wonderful animal cell where everyone works together to create a living organism. I will be touring you around this cell to show you the different organelles. Lets get started!

Cell Membrane

Town Hall, the Nucleus, is in charge of all functions of Maplewood. Its basically the brain of the cell.


The mitochondria is the power house of the cell. It is where all the power that the cell needs is made. In Maplewood, the mitochondria is the power stations and transformers around town.

Vacuoles store waste and water in a cell. In Maplewood, we have several ponds where water is stored.



The Nucleolus makes the ribosomes. The ribosomes make the proteins. The proteins are packaged in the Endoplasmic Reticulum. Then, Golgi Apparatus take the packaged proteins wherever they need to go. See how its a chain? Each organelle depends on each other. Its the same in Maplewood. Maplewood needs taxes, just like a cell needs proteins. And how do people get the money for taxes? They work. And where may they work? The stores in the town. The town is the Nucleolus because they make jobs that some people have. The jobs and people who have them are the ribosomes, because they make money that can be used for taxes. Then, people write the tax money out in checks and give them to the Endoplasmic Reticulum; the post office. The post office packages the checks and hands them over to the mail trucks (the Golgi Apparatus). Get it?






In Maplewood, the Endoplasmic Recticulum is the post office. When people pay their taxes, (or in this case, protein,) they write it out in checks, and give them to the post office. The post office then packages the checks, just like the Endoplasmic Rectiulum packages protein

Golgi Apparatus

The mail trucks in Maplewood are the Golgi Apparatus because they carry and deliver the packaged tax checks, just like the Golgi Apparatus carries the protein

Lets review!
Did you notice how every organelle works together to create a living organism? Although they might have very different jobs, it was clear that each and every organelle needed each other to survive in this cell. Cells, in my opinion, are just like roles in society. I hope you find that Maplewood the Animal Cell as fascinating as I do.

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