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First Scientific Model of Human

Body-Mind Activities: Proposed

by Sankhya

Prof. Ananda M. Ghosh.

Man as an Interpreter & seeker of
Truth has ......
• 5 sense organs for Observing the Nature
• 5 Tanmatric signals can excite those organs
• 5 bhuta i.e. elements provide support for body-mind growth
• 5 Pranas cause circulation inside every body
• Brain acts as a CPU
• Individual [jib- Atma] realization becomes different due to
separate Mind+Intelligence+ego
• 5 (karmendria) i. e. Output Organs act as actuators with the
external world

Sankhya’s Objective/Subjective
• External Sense Organs can detect only
Objective Universe (Prakiti)
• Sankhya tried to discover the Subjective
Universe present inside every Human
Being (purusha)
• Sankhya believes in Vedas but not in God;
• Veda believes that a perfect man can only
realize the holistic TRUTH
Sankhya Philosophy
• Purusha gets manifested in the form of
Micro-Consciousness in every person
• External Physical Nature also has embedded
Macro-Consciousness that acts as a Server
• Lower instinctive Consciousness acts as Mind
• Higher or Super-Consciousness only can see
• Truth finding Subjective Universe of an
individual can grow by Sadhana [education,
Yoga, Meditation, etc]
Sankhya-Tattwa : 24 Basic Elements
present in every Person
• 5 (bhuta) Body Materials:: khiti (earth), apa (water),
teja (fire), marut (air), bhyom (free space)
• 5 Tanmatra :: (excitation signals for) Vision, Sound,
Touch, Taste, Smell
• 5(gyanendria) Sense Organs :: Eye, Ear, Skin, Tongue,
• 5 (karmendria) Output Organs :: Mouth, Hands, Legs,
Anus, Genital
• Mind + Ego (I-ness) + Intelligence/Memory (chitta)
give rise to individual Personality [sattwa /Raja/ tama]

• Purusha & Prakiti Divisions
(Chit/atma) Purusha Domain
anandamaya Consciousness
Prakiti Domain
vigyanmaya Knowledge N
Ego + MIND A
Manomaya T
Pranamaya U
Annamaya E

Veda’s 5-Functional Layers:[Kosha]
• Annamaya Kosha -- Body Biology
[Supported by 5 - bhuta]
• Pranamaya Kosha -- Circulatory Systems
[Activated by 5-Tanmattra + flow-dynamics]
• Manomaya Kosha-- Ego+Intelligence+Memory
• Vigyanmaya Kosha - Knowledge + Wisdom
[ acquired by Study, Sadhana, Practice + Mind
• Anandamaya Kosha-- Realization of TRUTH
[Macro-Micro Relationship:: Client-Server (atma
-Parmatma or Prakiti - Purush) communication ] 7
Human - Computer Relationship
• Human Body -- Computer Hardware Mind --
• Intelligence -- Algorithm + Heuristics
• Ego ( I-ness) -- absent
• Consciousness(Chetana) -- absent
• Computer has been developed by Human
Creativity ..... inherited from the Nature’s Macro-
Creativity[ called Bramha or Prodhan Purush
{ may be called GOD}]

Man-Bramha Communication
• Creativity Server is in possession of the
Almighty { Bramha or Pradhan-Purush}
• Man’s chetana is the Client process that can
establish a direct path of communication
using Sadhana i.e. Meditation or by
concentrated Study & research
• Request ( Prayer) must be initiated by man
• Sadhana ( Mind purification process) helps
reducing communication path-impedance
Prana - tattwa [ Dynamic
Activities within Human Body]
• Continuous dynamic processes are going on in every
living person for body/mind interactions ;
• Prana controls physiological processes as well as propagates
signals to brain;
• Udan-outgoing currents from heart controlled by Susumna
[ death-switch makes this current OFF]
• Byan- blood flow through the entire nervous system
• Apan-controller of Digestive & reproductive organs
• Saman-controller of Mind, Ego[amittwa] & Intelligence
• [ Body extracts energy from air, liquid & solid foods]
Yoga & Pranayam
• For improved & optimized Body functions,
Prana activities, Mind-Ego-Intelligence &
Character building/balancing-- Yoga &
Pranayam Practices have been recommended by
• Patanjal in Yoga Darsan
– Sankhya gives the theory of personality
development, but
– Yoga & Pranayam describe the quickest
implementation processes

Brain & Individuality
• Basal ganglia & Cortical cells of brain have both
afferent[inflow] & efferent[outflow] activities
• Sensory signals move from lower neuron layers to upper
• Intention signals ( coming from mind) move from higher to
lower neuron layers -- to maintain a balance or samata
• Mind gets access to upper neuron layers whereas lower
neuron layers receive signals from sensory organs
• Individuality = Perception + Realization + Retention +
Mahattwa [ talent manifestation ]

Neural Network vs Sankhya
Model of Brain
Chetana Love/emotion/creativit
Buddhi ( Intelligence )

Ego (amitwa)
Mind (chitta) generating activation
Mind ( chittasignals
+ inhibition )

Processing layers R
(hidden) A
Excited by Tanmatra 13
Purusha & Prakiti
• Omni-presence of Purusha [Micro/Macro]
can be discovered by yoga-sadhana &
• Prakiti -- Physical cause-effect relationships
are discovered by scientists
• Pradhan-Purush (macro-chetana) can retain,
in the Global memory, the database of
individual micro- chetana’s attributes for
subsequent replication at re-birth 14
• Human Perfection -> Perfecting both Body &
Buddhi (micro-mahattwa) essentially required to
know the Absolute Truth
• Spiritual-Science -- is the science of
purifying mind and manifesting hidden-
• Prakiti-> [ Imperfect] Observing Mechanism
• Purush-> [Real ] Observer [ when purified]
• World -> [Apparent] Observations {Maya} 15
--The End --

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