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. of growing importance to their competitiveness in global market.•Designed to increase awareness throughout the European community and businesses.

2 types European quality prize European quality award • Given to companies that demonstrate excellence in quality management practice by meeting the award criteria • Awarded to most successful applicant .

 This distinction is awarded annually by the European foundation for Quality management to the organization that is the best proponent in Europe of Total quality management .

 The first award was made in 1992 to RANK XEROX.Few awards…. .. Subsequent winners are:  Milliken Europe  D2D (Design to Distribution)  Texas Instruments  Bridgestone  SGS-Thomson  TNT UK  Yellow Pages  Nokia etc….

Applicants Demonstrate that their tqm approach has contributed significantly in satisfying the expectations of customers and employees .

people satisfaction . people management. leadership.Assessment Based on customer satisfaction . policy and strategy and impact on society. resources. results. .

used by more than 30 000 organizations to improve performance. .European Quality Award Business Excellence Model The EFQM Excellence Model is the most popular quality tool in Europe.

How well the organizations is run in terms of:  Leadership  People  Policy and Strategy  Partnerships and Resources  Processes . concerned with what is done to run the organization and how it is operated. The most commonly used self assessment framework is the EFQM Excellence Model developed by the European Foundation for Quality Management. This is the basis for the UK Business Excellence Award  Organizations complete a structured self-assessment against nine parameters:  Five Enablers.

concerned with what the organization has achieved and is achieving as seen by the stakeholders. Four Results. How well the organization delivers in terms of:  People Results  Customer Results  Society Results  Business results .

customer satisfaction.  Enablers are the means by which an organization approaches its business responsibility. Results are driven by enablers. .  Result criteria consists of people satisfaction. impact on society and business results.