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Garment Export House

Presented by: Vishal Asoliya MFM -III

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AHUJA OVERSEAS was established in 1986 in Jaipur, India. It is run by Mrs Archana Ahuja, Mr Vijay Ahuja and Mr Ashish Ahuja. We are primarily manufacturers and exporters of women's, kids garments and home furnishing.
It is an ISO 9001:2000 certified (Quality Management System) and WRAP certified (Certification of lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing) company. It is located in Malviya Nagar Industrial Area, Jaipur and have a manufacturing capacity of 1,00,000 units per month. Major Countries of export: Europe USA Argentina
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Japan Switzerland Australia

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Departments in an Garment Export House

Merchandising Sampling Department Fabric Department Fabric Checking Department CAD Room Cutting Room Production Department Washing Department Quality Assurance Department Finishing Department Account Department Export Department
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Merchandising is a process through which products are planned, developed, executed and presented to the buyer. It includes directing and overseeing the development of product line from start to finish.

Sampling Department
In any export house, the sampling department is one of the important department and it plays a vital in the uplifting of a unit. Sampling department directly co-ordinates with the merchandising and production department. Sampling is done to see how the product will look like when produced in bulk and to check whether there are any discrepancies in the pattern are made according to the buyers specification.
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Fabric Department
Fabric Sourcing department is basically engaged in determining how and where its merchandise i.e fabric will be obtained. It works in co-ordination with the merchandising department and looks after the delivery of the required goods within the scheduled time and cost. A fabric sourcer must have a knowledge about all varieties of fabric in order to execute their function effectively.

Fabric Checking Department

The main objectives of the department are : Analysis of defects in the fabric. Selection of fabric according to AQL.

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CAD Room
Garment Export has its own CAD department for different style garments are made with help of Optitex software package.


CAD department is responsible for the following functions: Determining cutting average for costing. Making the most efficient cutting marker. Development and alteration of patterns. Embroidery graphics making. Digitizing the pattern.

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Cutting Room
Cutting department receives the order for cutting a garment style from the production manager. Cutting order is an authorization by the production manager to cut a given amount of styles, from the spreads. It comes in front of a package file that carries the following details: Sampling average, weight of garment (base fabric consumption only), and other trims average . Measurement sheet. Design work sheet of the garment . Fabric requisition sheet. CAD mini marker Marker planning- length of lay etc., size ratio and colors in which patterns are to be cut.

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Production Department
The production floor will receive the detail like:
The style of the garment Number of operators required. The batch for which the style has to be installed. Any extra kind of machines that are to be used for the particular style. Target for each day. Breakup of the production quantity.

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Washing Department
Once the garment has been finished with all the operations then they are sent to the washing department for the washing or finishing that has to be done for that particular style according to the buyers specifications and hence it plays a vital role in the final feel and the texture of the garment which has to match the specifications of the buyer 100%.

Quality Assurance Department

Quality is the major criteria for any product and the same Rule applied even to garment industries also. In order to maintain quality the assurance departments has split up their job into different stages of manufacturing.

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Finishing Department
The finishing department is the department which comes after all the departments and it plays an equally important role in the final appearance of the garment.

Account department
The accounting department is responsible for the following: Payroll Cash collections Cash payments Procurement and inventory Property accounting

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Export Department
The business of exports is heavily document-oriented & one must get acquainted with the entire procedure. The following documents are processed by the head of the department : 1. Invoice 2. Packing list 3. Certificate of Inspection 4. Certificate of Origin 5. GSP 6. IEC Certificate 7. Wearing Apparel Sheet 8. Bill of Lading 9. Airway Bill 10. Mate's Receipt 11. Shipping Bill 12. Letter of Credit
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