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The purpose of this study was to develop a blood management information system to assist in the management of blood donor records and ease/or control the distribution of blood in various parts of the country basing on the hospital demands. Without quick and timely access to donor records, creating market strategies for blood donation, lobbying and sensitization of blood donors becomes very difficult. The blood management information system offers functionalities to quick access to donor records collected from various parts of the country. It enables monitoring of the results and performance of the blood donation activity such that relevant and measurable objectives of the organization can be checked. It provides to management timely, confidential and secure medical reports that facilitates planning and decision making and hence improved medical service delivery. The reports generated by the system give answers to most of the challenges management faces as far as blood donor records are concerned.

Literature Survey
Present System: All the blood banks are attached to hospitals and there is no stand-alone blood bank. As each hospital has its own systems and limitations, the co-ordination between the blood banks is practically impossible. Because of low number of donors and more number of blood banks, the efficiency and quality of blood banks are low, resulting in wastage of blood and blood components. The challenges in the present system are: 1. Some of the hospitals are having individual blood banks 2. Some of the hospitals are not having blood banks 3. Donors do not have any record of their donations or information related to their blood diseases Proposed System: An efficient blood bank management system should be developed, with the aim of ensuring that every patient has access to an adequate quantity of safe blood in a centralised manner. The management system should solve the issue of demand and wastage and lead to self-sufficiency in blood requirement. This should encourage new donors and retain old donors to donate blood.

The main reason to undertake this project because of high demand of blood across the country and but an inefficient way of handling this problem by practicing decentralized methods. So our project mainly is web-based so all hospitals and other blood banks can communicate with each other so that blood is not wasted by keeping the stock in the inventory instead can be supplied where there is requirement .

Problem Definition
To build a solution to the ever growing requirement of blood due to accidents and various health problems the system is developed for accessing the information about various blood banks and hospitals and their blood stock. Providing information of donor.

This project is aimed at developing an online centralized web portal where Blood

banks and Hospitals can look for Donors in their nearby area who will be available in quick time. This system can be used to maintain the information about the Donor and his/her Health report. To develop and maintain an appropriate integrated blood donor tracking database system for the efficient and effective recording and management of blood donor data and blood donor retention. To significantly improve the quality of recording and management of information about blood donors to facilitate the effective tracking of repeat blood donors and the establishment of a reliable pool of regular repeat blood donors. To significantly improve the accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness of tracking information on blood donations, and ensure blood safety through accurate labeling and identification of blood units at every stage. To prove SMS notification.

Existing System
Many Blood Banks have different Blood Donor Management modules but there exist some errors and problems maintaining them. Some of them are listed below The existing system needs to save Donors information in the form of excel sheets. The manual system gives us very less security for saving data; some data may be lost due to mismanagement. Searching of particular blood donor information is very critical where it takes lot of time. This system is not having the facility of tracking Donors information which will be available in quick time.

Proposed System
This system is providing the facility of viewing all information

about Donor details. This system can provide the information about the Donor based on the blood group and the place where the Donor is available for blood donation.

Advantages of Proposed System

Searching of particular blood donor information is easy. This system is having the facility of tracking Donors information which will be available in quick time. The system is smart enough to choose different donors every time, instead of selecting the same donor after every 3 months period.


Blood Donors

Blood Bank

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Technical Architecture

Software & Hardware Requirement

Software Interface:
Client on Internet: Web Browser, Operating System (any). Web Server: Apache Data Base Server: Oracle Development End: J2EE, XML, AJAX, Oracle.

Hardware Interface:
Client side:
Web browser Server side: WSAD DB2

Pentium-II at 500MHZ Processor Pentium III at 1GHZ Pentium III at 1GHZ


Disk space

RAM 512MB 512MB

Disk space 2GB 1GB

We can conclude by saying that Blood Donor Database is

an online centralized web portal which help Blood banks and Hospitals and any other users to look for Donors in their nearby area who will be available in quick time. And also keep track of Donors health report to evaluate quickly. This system helps the admin to check the database when he wants and it is very flexible for the Hospital Management and Blood Banks and any users to retrieve the data when they want and they can have the data according to the query given by the user from one particular date to another particular date by the query given by admin.