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India – the vision Sovereign Equality of status and opportunity Socialist Utopian India Democratic republic Secular • As per Constitution .

15/ 1000 births- rank 152) Root cause .Inequitable education .Current state of affairs .08) O Status of women’s health O Hygiene and health conditions O High infant mortality rate(30.India O Wide inequalities throughout society O HDI ranking 120 to 130(134) O High sex ratio (1.

How is vision achievable? O Equitable education O Equity in classroom .

What is it? O Equitable: Fair to all parties as per reason and conscience O Education: Formal process of transfer of accumulated knowledge and values O Equitable education: Equivalent education quality for rich and the poor .

System in place .NPE O States education as essential for all round O O O O O development Equal opportunity for access and conditions for success Education for equality Education for comparable quality for all To strengthen world view Acculturating role .

Current education stats O 200 million children in 6 to 14 age group where 8% don’t enroll to schools O 80% in government schools – economically weak .

Needs as per current situation O Proper implementation of RTE to ensure 100% enrollment O Best quality teachers in government schools(many first generation learners) O Higher levels of commitment among government school teachers O Better facilities .

But situation is…. O 90% of government schools lack quality and committed teachers O Just one lakh among the ten lakh satisfies quality standards(lack of committed teachers) O No proper classrooms O Over crowded O Understaffed .

class and caste bias O Slow and incapable learner branding . O Teachers not well qualified and trained O 60% first generation learners and children of daily wage labors O Gender.But situation is….

[ . O Address inadequate teacher numbers. and provide training and development for existing teachers O Special focus on the education of girls and children with special needs as well as computer education.Some initiatives O Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan(SSA) – Education for all programme O Goals : O Open new schools and expand existing school infrastructures and maintenance.


equitable. humane and sustainable socie ty ENABLERS Education and related development areas STRATEGY An operating organization for deep. atscale & institutionalize d impact on the quality of education in India .APF (2001) VISION Aspires to facilitate a just.

equitable.EQUITABLE QUALITY EDUCATION Knowledge. Imagination & Creativity Independence of thought and action AZIM PREMJI FOUNDATION Enhancement of individual’s potential and abilities Builds humane. healthy and prosperous communities .

No quality learnig .Critical challenges in achieving universal quality education Political will: leaders don’t make this as their priority Teacher: They don’t get proper resources and recognition Education functionaries: plans have been made on paper but not executed. Lack of proper actions & wills Examination system: more stress on passing the exam rather than learning.

emotional and wellbeing Communi cate Effectively Contribute to Society Develop sensitivity aesthetic appreciati on . Plan and Act Develop physical.Knowledge Through Education enables Making Informed Decisions Visualize.

They should develop a questioning mind.fariness and concern for others.Conclusion O School life should typically involve the enjoying of learning processes. . equitable and humane society. a strong sense of justice. O For our children to fulfill a vision of a just. appreciate the context of learning with real life.

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