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Lyric Analysis

By Gaaron Clarke, Daniel Yip, Sonia Roy, Sophia Ng.

Mimi Soya- Deathwish

In this presentation, I will be analyzing the lyrics from this song to connote what they mean and what they express. This will allow us to feel the mood they are permitting and be the eyes and ears of the viewers.

The song we have chosen to create a music video for is Deathwish by MiMi Soya, the genre for this song is Pop Punk and the generic convention of the lyrics is typically about love conflicts. The main plot of our music video is about 2 girls that are very competitive with each other since they are in love with the same guy, this orders them to play pranks with each other. Some of the lyrics are conjoined with the visuals we are planning to film, this creates excitement for the viewers and also keeps them engaged knowing that the lyrics connect with the visuals.

Shes got a death wish/ Cos she knows Im worth it/ And shell try to fight it/ Cos she cant have me.

These lyrics are the first to be heard as they are sang by the male singer in the introduction to the song. This therefore is meant from the males point of view and describes what he thinks of the woman he is referring to.
Shes got a death wish, cos she knows Im worth it connotes that the male knows he is worth it and that he believes the young girl would die for her from the quote cos she knows Im worth it. This presents to the audience that the boy is boasting about himself and thinks he is irresistible, this would mean we would have to use an attractive male in our music video that is a stereotype of a jock or the ladies man. And shell try to fight it/ Cos she cant have me supports that the girl will absolutely do anything to be in a relationship with the male and even fighting other people; in this case the other competitive girl. This creates humor for the audience since this is a young love crisis and pranks are immature, comedic aspects are a generic convention in pop punk music videos.

Shes got a death wish/ Shell try to make me hate this/ But silence speaks the loudest/ How can she compete?

This is again sung by the male singer who is describing both of the girls who are in love with him. This is telling the viewers that they are both competitive with each other which is supported from the quote How can she compete? This is the cue for viewers to realise that the friends turn rival against each other for the boy. This results to them later using pranks towards each other and therefore actions speak louder than words which relates to the song lyrics But silence speaks the loudest.

Please dont try to make this hard/ Cos I wont let you/

These lyrics are now sung by the female artist who is the prominent figure in the band and the song which also means these lyrics are from her perspective. During this lyrics, the main guitar riff is introduced which lets the audience know the song is about to enter the main chorus or verse, this makes it official that the main song is about to start and therefore gets them in an excited mood and creates adrenaline. Please dont try to make this hard, cos I wont let you connotes that both the girls dont want they situation to be hard with each other since they both want the same boy and they wont let each other take him. This seems to be a threat towards each other and therefore presents resentment and jealousy with each other.

I think I feel arrested, perhaps even neglected/ When Im with you/ Do do do do, do do do da do do

Keeps the song upbeat and these filling sounds are common in teenage bands since this regards childish song lyrics.

This is the main chorus that is repeated to the viewers in order for the song to stick in their heads and for them to learn the significant part of the song. During these lyrics, the music video would also conjoin the excitement by establishing a band shot since this is where the band play all their instruments together and the vocalist sings the chorus. I think I feel arrested, perhaps even neglected connotes that the females feel they are caught up in love when they see the boy and this is supported from the metaphor of the word arrested.

Do do do do, do do do da do do
These lyrics are mentioned in the lyrics to cover the instrumental gap between the lines of the chorus, these keep the audience engaged and therefore will also be engaged in our music video. During these lyrics, it would be ideal to do a close up or the backing singers performing these lyrics since this shows a generic convention of typical teenage band, this is because these lyrics can be perceived to be childish which is also supported from the two girls pranking each other.

ve got a death wish/ I'm gonna make you hate this/ You just won't believe it/ When I bring the pain/

The lyrics presented are heard in the second verse by the female singer which expresses the narrative more since she is showing the characters feelings about the boy. The pranks being played on the competitive girls relate to the lyrics You just wont believe it/ when I bring the pain, this connects the lyrics with the visuals and connotes both girls underestimate their evil abilities with each other. While these lyrics are heard, the female vocalist is heard singing this song in a shouting manner, this is also a generic convention of Pop punk as it is a milder version of Rock.

This creates a rebellious mood for the viewers as they can get into the frame of mind with the young teenagers, we also need to alternate between shots of the narrative and performance aspects since the band are going to be seen playing their instruments.

I've got a death wish/ Like every other girly/ It will take more than/ Your pretty little face/ Ive got a death wish is repeated throughout the song as this promotes the main title and sticks in the viewers minds, this also means that both girls want to kill each other (in an exaggerated humorous fashion) due to the shared love for the dream boy. To support the fact that this is a dream boy, we are going to show more girls in the video who look at awe with him which relates with the song but will focus on the two girls predominately, this will show other girls also have interest in him and relates the lyrics Like every other girly. It will take more than/ your pretty little face shows jealousy between the young girls since college females are conscious about their looks and always wants to look perfect. This will mean that they would have to wear provocative clothing and therefore the technique of voyeurism can be used, this quote also means that the young girls are thinking that Your pretty little face is not good enough for the dream boy.