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A Pilot Visiting Scholar Protocol for AUCD Trainees

Megan L. Kovac, Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities Jody M. Pirtle, University of Arizona LEND Stephen R. Hooper, Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities

The Pilot Visiting Scholar Protocol (VSP) is intended to inspire and facilitate collaboration among the trainees involved in the AUCD member centers, UCEDDs, and LENDs across the country.

The Pilot Visit: Preparation

1. NC LEND trainee identified interest in visiting PA LEND. Confirmed support of home center.

The Pilot Visit: Highlights and Reflections

observing the multidisciplinary Regional Autism Clinic (RAC)

2. NC LEND Training Director confirmed support of PA LEND Training Director.

touring REACH and CHOP Career Path participating in outreach through Homeless Health Initiative

It is a guide that outlines how trainees can initiate a visit to a different center or program conduct a successful visit. use a visiting scholar experience to enhance their short and long term training goals. 3. Conference call to clarify expectations and logistics (i.e., date of visit, location, agenda).

attending LEND trainee presentations of their family projects Participating in LEND Research Symposium Sharing results of VSP in newsletter and at AUCD Conference

4. NC LEND trainee provided host center with background information and made travel arrangements.

Development of the Pilot VSP The Pilot Visit: Conducting the visit
Megan Kovac (NC LEND trainee) developed the Pilot VSP, in collaboration with Jody Pirtle (AZ LEND trainee). It was prompted by a desire to capitalize on membership in a strong national network in order to learn how different centers and programs serve individuals with disabilities.

Exposure to different programs and policies Insight about services in Philadelphia Improved understanding of AUCD network Pilot VSP very useful tool in organizing visit and reflecting on experience

Next Steps for the Pilot VSP

Trainee Responsibilities: Professional conduct, lodging and travel, representing home center, presenting research The Pilot VSP is available now! We hope to collect information about the strengths and challenges of the Pilot VSP as it is implemented by additional programs and centers.

Host Responsibilities: Creating a full agenda, recruiting host faculty and trainees, providing logistical support (e.g., directions)

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