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Rock and Pop


Guitar Bass Guitar

Synthesisers Keyboards Horns


Initially a guitar driven band, including notable musicians such as Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page

They were one of many bands who changed style after the British Invasion 1965-1969

During Claptons time the band was bluesy Beck used heavier distorted tones Page took over in the late 60s experimenting with wah effects

Notable songs include:



Started out as an R&B band in the mid-60s

Developed a new sound by combining rock guitar, vocal harmonies, strings and keys

Mostly associated with progressive rock at this time

Notable songs:

Nights in White Satin


A mix of hard-rock, folk and musical theatre influenced this band

The line up consisted of Electric + Acoustic guitar, plus drums and bass

Notable songs:

You really got me Waterloo Sunset


Developed rock opera with their albums Tommy and Quadrophenia

Extensive use of synthesisers in the early 70s

Started the fashion of making clothing out of union jacks, adopted by mod culture

Their first 3 albums also released with similar success My Generation A Quick One The Who Sell Out

Their first singles produced huge success

My Generation

I Can See for Miles

Notable songs: Papa ORiley Wont get fooled again Who are you


Tommy was the first rock opera released in 1969

It told the story of a deaf, dumb and blind boy featuring the track Pinball Wizard.

Post 1970 Albums included:

Whos next 1971 with heavy use of synthesisers and sound effects. It was a very experimental album including the use of an envelope follower on Townsends guitar. Quadrophenia 1973 a second rock opera based around the band members who represented the 4 main characters.

More Albums

More albums followed in the mid-70s with less success as their earlier work

However when Keith Moon (drummer) died from a drug overdose in 1978, coupled with the birth of punk, the band struggled to stay together

Although they drifted apart they have reformed the band on several occasions with mixed results

Performance + Arrangement

Extremely high energy and aggressive performers

Smashed up instruments being part of their act

Many songs were driving rock with melodic bass lines

Songs had complex instrumentation and structures

Pete Townsend described their more mainstream works as power pop

he is also famous for the windmill

Key Songs/Albums

The Yardbirds

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For Your Love

The Yardbirds

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Nights in White Satin You Really Got Me My Generation Pinball Wizard

Moody Blues The Kinks The Who The Who

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