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31stDec-3rd Jan

PsiFi 2013 (31st Dec-3rd Jan)

An initiative launched to bring together the smartest in the country on one common platform. PsiFi 2013 will be the fourth year of this Olympiad. The event brings together the best of the best and pitches them in challenges designed to test their ingenuity, creativity and technical expertise.

All PsiFi demands is enthusiasm and a desire to create and innovate.

PsiFi 2013 (31st Dec-3rd Jan)

4 day Science Olympiad with around 800 participants Features 16 competitions those in pure mathematics, textiles, engineering airplanes and medical diagnosis to robotics, developments in space, architecture and tests of logic. PsiFi is a platform that young science enthusiasts wanting to show off their ingenuity and brilliance can look up to Each academic event is specially designed to test the dexterity and feed the creative extinct of the participants leave participants inspired

University Events

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Coding Conquerors Rise of Machines Robo Wars Math Gauge Technopreneurship Social Events

Math Gauge
Do you know your Math? Think Again!

Math Gauge invites you to experience mathematics from a new dimension, challenging you with some of the mind-bending problems to put your teams analytic ability to the test.

Prerequisites: Basic high school Math. Strength to handle the heat. Participants Category: Schools and University

What mathematicians do in real life has little to do with numbers and arithmetic. We will just try to introduce you to that aspect of this great subject. The Guts Round: is a team event with short-answer questions on an assortment of subjects. The Cryptographer: Imagine yourself as an FBI agent and the first group to crack the adversarys secret message gets all the glory. Sleep over it: This Round is a collaborative event with proof-style problems and 24 hours to solve them.

Note: Final scores will be calculated by adding up the scores of each round.

Designing a robot that will be tested in terms of agility, speed, and power.

Inspired from MITs Annual Robo-thon, this would be Pakistans biggest Robot Challenge that will test the limits of your Robot from inside out. Participants will be required to run their RC Robot through Three Phases, each of which will test a specific characteristic of a robot:

Pre -Requisites:
- For starters, a working Robot. - Familiarity with code and basic robotic components that may include Resistors, Transistors, Sensors, Microprocessors etc.

1. The GM Phase: The robot will be required to guide and

maneuver itself through obstacles as quickly as possible.

2. The Racing Inferno: At a time, Two robots will race each

other on a specially made intricate race track incorporating ramps, tight loops and various terrains.

This Event is open for both University and College Students.

3. The Royal Rumble: Robots will fight against each other till
the final Robot standing is declared the Champion. If you think youve got what it takes to be the ultimate Robotic Champion, then Robo-Wars is the place for you. !!


This competition is about presenting a technologybased solution that not only tackles any of the common problems faced in Pakistan today, but is also worthy of being launched commercially.

So if you are an aspiring innovator or a tech-geek in the making or even if you are neither but have a passion for entrepreneurship and are brimming with ideas that need a platform, then this is the stage for you.

Your Ideas

Should be restricted to Ending extreme hunger and poverty Ensuring primary education Gender Equality Ensuring basic health care (especially for children) Environmental Sustainability Power shortage

Event Details:

There are two parts of the event: 1. Report 2. Presentation

ROM(Rise of Machines)

As the name suggests , you have to make a ROBO here. Confused ? No worries.. Its not like that. Just make a simple autonomous robot. Should not be too costly. You can start with a toy. You can follow the link for the parts of robots

Coding Conquerers
Have you ever dreamt of being in a world where machines operate themselves, cars work on their own and robots can think like Einstein?

Artificial Intelligence

Event Dates: 31st Dec- 3rd Jan, 2013

Registration Information

Registration Phase 1: 10th Oct- 25th Nov

Registration Phase 2 (schools): 25th Oct- 10Th Nov Registration Final Phase :10th -25th Nov A team must consist of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 team members. A school team must participate in a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 events.

Social Events
Day 1 Opening Ceremony Day 2 Concert Day 3 Surprise Event Day 4 Closing Ceremony & Formal Dinner
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