Defn:- According to sikula;

 “It

is a process of determining human resource requirements and the means of meeting those requirements in order to carry out the integrated plans of the organization.”


1) To ensure optimum use of human resources currently employed. 2) To assess and forecast future skills requirements if the organizational objectives are to be achieved. 3)To provide control measures to ensure that necessary manpower resources are available as and when required.

    the right people. at the right cost.   at the right time. . planning for people in organizations involves trying to obtain. with the right knowledge.In short. skills and experience. in the right place. in the right number.

2) Since a large no of persons have to be replace…. each ….   .. 3) Human resource planning is essential because of frequent labour turnover….Need for Human resource Planning: 1) To carry out its work.

.   . 4) To meet the challenge of a new and changing technology and new techniques of ……… 5) manpower planning is also needed in order to identify….. 6) In order to meet needs of expansion ….


In the words of Flippo   “Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs in this organization” .RECRUITMENT: Introduction:Defn:.


i) Recruitment Policy:Organization's objectives.  .  Preferred sources of recruitment.  The cost of recruitment.  Criteria of selection and preferences.  Identification of recruitment needs.

 PRE-REQUISITES OF A GOOD RECRUITMENT POLICY:a) It should be in conformity with the personnel policies. c) It should be so designed so as to ensure employment opportunities for its employees on a longterm basis. b) It should be flexible enough to meet the changing needs of organization. d) It should match the qualities of employees with the requirements of the work for which they are employed.     .

ii) Recruitment organization:iii) Forecast of manpower Requirements:     The total no of personnel available:The job family:Age distribution:Qualification and experience desired:Salary Range:- .


  Demotion. .Sources of Internal recruitment: Promotion. Transfer.

.. 4) Familiarity….. 7) Discourage ….Merrits Of Internal sources Of recruitment:       1) Improvement in morale & …. 2) The employer is in a better position …. 5) they are tried people… 6) It is economical than going…. 3) It promotes a sense of …. .

. 2) restricted choice… 3)Possibility of “Dry. 4) real capable hands ….up”….Demerits of internal sources of recruitment:     1) reduction in the flow of new …. 5) low efficiency….

  4) Recruitment through advertisement. 5) Recruitment through the recommendation of existing employees. (Evils of Jobbers & Contractors)  3) Recruitment at the factory gate.Sources of external recruitment: 1) Direct recruitment.  . 2) Jobbers & contractors.

    . 10) Contract labour. 9) Badli control system. 6) Recruitment from colleges or universities 7) Recruitment through employment exchanges. 8) Through work study programmes.

   . 12) Unconsolidated applications. 13) trade unions. 14) Computer data banks. 11) Voluntary organization.

Merrits Of External sources Of recruitment:    1) Better skills and higher qualifications. 4) Flow of new blood and new ideas. 3) Selection of talented person. 2) Wide Choice of selection. .

2) Time consuming.Demerits of internal sources of recruitment:     1)Conflicts. 4) More turnover. . 3) Brain-drain. 5) Uncertainty.

SELECTION:  Introduction:Defn:.  “Selection is the process in which candidates by employment are divided into two classes those who are to be offered employment and those who are not.” .Dale Yoder.

REJECTION Unfavorable score Second Unfavorable Impression Unfavorable Previous History Final selection by interviewers. Physically unfit Physical examination PLACEMENTS. .PROCESS OF SELECTION:Physically or General unfavorable Impression Reception Of Applications Preliminary Interviews Unfavorable Personal data Application Blanks Psychological Tests Interviews Background Investigation (Reference checking) Waiting lists of Desired Applicants.

 1) Receiving and screening the application. Work experience. Education Blank. . Personal items.         3) Application Blank Biological data. Other items. 2)Preliminary interviews. Salary &Benefits.

Stress interview. d) e) f) g) . Aptitude and trade tests:Judgment tests:Learning ability:Projective tests:Dexterity tests:5)Interviews:-  a) b) c) Kinds of interviews.       4) Psychological testing. Patterned interview. Indirect interview. Group interview. Board or Panel –interview. Systematic in-depth interview. Direct interview.

 Procedure for an interview:Review of Background Information:Preparation of question plan:Putting the candidate at ease:-] Drawing out the best in the candidate:Conducting the interview:- i) ii) iii) iv) v) .

.     6) group discussion 7)Background Information:-(Reference Checking) 8)Physical Examination. 10) Placement. 9) Final selection by interviewers.




Recruitment.Case study :. .  Importance of Assumption.

Gain Chand Verma is the Chief Executive of an organization at Ranchi in Jharkhand. Verma. Mr.Mr. .  Mr.Barua for about 25 minutes. He sent for Mr.Mr.Barua. after considerable deliberations. The chief explained the characteristics he expected in the candidate for this post.Barua was directed to: 1) release an advertisement . specifying the last date for the receipt of the applications to be 21 days after the appearance of the advertisement. the Personnel Manger and explained to him his requirement of a top-class marketer . decided that he needed an excellent specialist in marketing Management urgently. Verma briefed Mr.

Barua will tabulate the details of all the applications received and forward these to Mr. 4) All the staff-work. Concerning this vacancy must be completed in two months. 2) It was decided that Mr. 3)the personnel Manager was advised to short-list three most deserving candidates. A note on each of the short-listed candidates along with original application was to be put up to Mr. time.   .Verma.verma.

two folders came from the personnel department . Mr.The chief opened the folder of short-listed candidates and hoped that the selection could be completed by examining the write-up of the short-listed candidates alone .Verma was pleasantly surprised when on the 59th day of the meeting with Mr.On folder contained tabulated details of all the 26 applications and the other contained the write –ups and applications of short-listed four candidates . .Barua.

He has married an English lady and is willing to return to India. The write-ups were for four and not three shortlisted candidates.  He had called the rest of the papers only as a standby measure and Wanted to see these only if the selection could not be completed by only using the write-ups of the short-listed candidates. This was as follows. 31 – year –olds . He has been working in Manchester . Sunil Kumar Mitra. MBA (Marketing) from a renowned university in UK obtaining 59. . 1) Mr. UK for the last six years as a Marketing executive. preferably in the eastern parts. if he gets a suitable opening in India.8 percent marks.

S.Santan Das.26-year-old. He has many offers for jobs but has not decided on his future course of action because he is very fond of Ranchi and teaching.P. 3) MBA( Marketing) from the last batch of management institute at Ranchi.He was first – class.3 lakh per annum. MBA(Marketing) from Delhi university with an „A‟ grade .Gill.29-year-old.He has four years experience in marketing of consumer goods in rural markets in Punjab.  . first . 2) Mr. He has categorically stated that he will not work for a pay-package of less than Rs.He has done some short-term teaching assignments since his results were announced.

He is a senior clerk in the marketing section of the same organization for the last 15 years . He need not be given the grades that are likely to be demanded by the others. 35 –year-old . . He is intelligent. but his name has been included in the short-listed candidates as a special case.4) Mr. sincere and hard working.MrSinhawill be happy if he is promoted in recognition of his contributions to the organization and will be satisfied with a marginal increase in pay package..He is fully Knowledgeable about all the events that have taken place in marketing field in the organization. He does not fulfill the qualifications laid down for the assignment. Sinha.He is fully Knowledgeable about all the last 15 years .

 MrVerma was impressed by the shortlisting and the write-up work of Mr.Whom would you select and why? .He decided to complete the selection of the candidates without opening the folder of 26 tabulated applications .Barua. He wants to digest this information before taking a suitable decision . and keeps theses papers in the pending-tray thereafter.He reads the details of shortlisted candidates once more.

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