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Douglas County School System

Turner Middle School

Media Facility Plan Presented by: April Olorunfemi FRIT 7132 : Administration of the Instructional Media Program Spring 2011 Instructor: Dr. Debra Chester

About the School

Our Mission, Vision, and Goals Mission The mission of the Douglas County School System is to provide a quality education for all students in a safe, supportive environment. Vision Our vision is to build a community of lifelong learners that become responsible individuals, independent thinkers, and productive citizens.

Goals To provide a challenging, comprehensive instructional and curricular program for all learners. To provide a school environment that is safe and supportive and enhances the learning process. To improve communication throughout the school community.

Beliefs We believe that we must.. Understand how children and adults learn and continue learning. Build communities of lifelong learners. Cultivate the leadership potential of every employee, student, and parent in our school system. Be creative, energetic visionaries, who respond quickly to diverse and evolving issues. Meet the needs of our stakeholders (students, parents, employees and community). Maintain efficient and effective administrative processes for instruction, operations, human resources and sound fiscal management.

TMS Media Center Profile

Serves approximately 656 students, sixth- to eighth-grade Serves 70+ faculty members One full-time media clerk

One full-time media specialist

Three part-time media aides Turner's Library Online

TMS School Demographic

There is a growing ESOL population of students, approximately 23 taught by one ESOL teacher. The reading level of Turner Students is as varied as the students themselves. The demographics of Turner Middle School are approximately twenty-eight percent Caucasian students, thirty-five percent African-American students, twenty-seven percent Hispanic, seven percent multiethnic, one percent American Islander, one percent Asian, and one percent of other ethnicities.

TMS School Data

Turner Middle School serves approximately 656 sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-graders. There are approximately 236 sixth-grade students, 212 seventh- grade students, and 208 eighth-grade students.

We are located directly across from one of the countys 2 public libraries in one of the counties earliest erected sites.
There are 52 certified teachers, 1 Principal, 2 Assistant Principals, 1 Administrative Assistant, 3 office personnel, and 24 additional support staff. Out of 476 middle schools Turner, ranks 317 in the state of Georgia with approximately an eighty percent achievement rate in reading and math on the CRCT.

The school library media center is located at the intersection of the front office and the schools front door.
The collection has a little over 8000 titles (approximately 12 books per student) with 10 desktop computers for research, AR, a small media room for media aides to record the morning announcements, 213 titles in the audiovisual collection.

The media center averages approximately 70 checkouts per day.

Media Center Office

Facility layout
The 8,000 titles are arranged alphabetically on all walls. The dominant wall is fiction, arranged by author. The AR titles are marked on the spine of the fiction books.

Immediately following the fiction is nonfiction section. I considered this to be a very traditional school library media center.
The reference section is closer towards the center of the nonfiction wall on a wide bookshelf. It is not on a wall, but almost serves as a divider for a small section of seating. The computers give the center of the room a perimeter and are arranged by threes.

Facility Layout
The tables in the media center are in good condition. The chairs are nicely cushioned and padded and it is a fairly comfortable. Directly aligned with the library media center entrance is the checkout. There are two doors directly facing each other on either side of the room. It reminds me of a Tee shirt.

Students may purchase items in the media center throughout the school day such as erasers, lead and lead pencils, paper and pens.

Many of the books have been bound and rebounded in order to keep them in decent shape. They were in overall good condition for the amount of times they have been checked out and the limited number of titles we have. I have also seen a growing number of shiny, new, hardback titles.

The section that seemed to be in the most dire of straights was the nonfiction section. This section has been the most weeded because the information grows obsolete quickly and there are limited resources for funding outside of his budget for necessities.

The reference section is closer towards the center of the nonfiction wall on a wide bookshelf. It is not on a wall, but almost serves as a divider for a small section of seating.

The media center hosts the schools website and promotes its online resources such as Destiny Quest Online Catalog, AR lists, and the limited selection of available e-books

Inside the SLMC you can find a host of DVD,VHS and Audio formatted titles.

(Left) These dated periodicals are stored directly adjacent to the Professional resources and text in a small adjoining resource room. These titles include Ebony and Time Magazine.

(Right) Periodicals on display in the media center include magazines and local newspapers that are both academic and current event based including Edutopia, Scholastic, and National Geographic.

Uncataloged and Donated Titles

AV Room-Houses the universal school clock displayed

in classroom tv monitors. The morning Announcements are also recorded here.

Teacher ResourcesCopier, Laminator

Die Cut Machine Paper Cutter

Books to be shelved

Facility Changes
Due to the issues in the current facility. I propose a layout for the media center that would maximize the space. In the previous slide, the photos highlight various areas of the media center that are not welcoming to readers. I propose the professional materials and the teacher work area of the media center move to separate areas of the media center. I also propose a comfortable readers area which promotes reading in the media center as opposed to checking out a book and leaving. Also rearranging the shelving and adding shrubbery to lighten up the space.

Proposed layout to create a more welcoming environment for the learning community.