Hungarian prisons

- short history, facts and inner side of the walls -

Corvinus University, Budapest, Hungary 29/10/2008 Gergely Fliegauf, Hungarian Police College

at the end of 19th century: prison reform worldwide star, H or key shaped panopticon prisons: BFB, Sopron, Szeged no prison built to 1950s former regime: prisons under MoI 1960: under MoJ barrack type prisons (agricultural, soviet type prisons): Állampuszta, Pálhalma, Tököl repressive penal policy; lack of budget – basis of the recent overcrowding and dilapidation 80s: 20 000 prisoners „part of the state investmenst”

After regime change
DG of the prison service remained (89-99) 3 prison regime declared by penal code conditional release (2/3, 4/5, 5/6) MoJ – HQ of HPS – Prisons and Istitutions systematic changes: 89: state amnesty for small offences 90: prison riots all over Europe: prgs, education, conditions 93: new prison code („right of prisoners”, „art of rewards”, „art of disciplinary punishments”, „semi open type regime”) 95: introducing IT registration in the HPS: change in „edocator’s” attitude 96: MoJ regulation on order of prison sentencing and pretrial detention 95 and 99: year of big escapes in Hungary, Döcher case

Recent challenges
from 99: new DG, 2007: 3 DGs from 99: repressive penal policy: overcrowding, highest in the region denying drug problem 19 drug-perevention units (dutch type units for drug-problem prisoners) 8 medical-correctional units (soviet type units for mentally ill inmates) no harm reduction staff salary: public cleaners PPP prisons: Szombathely, Tiszalök

Rivotril pills confiscated tranquillant and sleeping pill heroin users prison stress force misuse: rampage not only in Hungary (CEECs)

centralized prisons in the Danube line pre-trial „county” prisons 2 PPP prisons 3 prisons for females (6.25%) 4 prisons for juveniles institutions: IMEI, Central Prison Hospital ca 14 800 inmates 148 per capita (100) EU high overcrowding: 132% EU high first offenders 47 % recividism 53 % main duration: 1-2 yrs 20 % 5-10 yrs 20 % foreigners: 3,5 % EU low drug users (2004) 7,9 % 12, 4 % 60 % escapes: 5,6,1,7,9 (2003) violence against staff: 58,48,45,52,30 suicide: 5,5,4 (2005) staff: 7500, lack: 7%


Part 2 Prison graffities in Hungary
Pécs juvenile prison exercize yard inner side of the perimeter wall juvenile uniform Romani and „whites” together wife and children why they feel safe in the prison? what is the function of a prison?

Never give up!
wall of the intake unit in Marianosztra prison weekly transport from each prison to other on mondays intake: administration (personal data) medical intake placement to units intake cells: place of IP violence stork: system frog: the inmate himself

Hajduhadháza (HH) Romani majority village in HB county 2000 cut from town Téglás integration support was given back to the government go on HH-ers! forced card playing family threat molotov cocktails small tags on corridor walls symbols messages presence

Havanna Block BP
1st picture: sexual deprivation 2nd picture: joint, stars (against nazism) 3rd picture: unit number, date of stay, prison snitch, names

against a staff member prison dormitory watch tower hanged man, machine gun man on cross mutilated compansation fantasies agricultural prison far from employers

a wish to break out
left side with gothic: „rule the ...” devil and vampire skull a devil headed penis breaks the wall: masculinity MS? tattoo - infection

mothers miss children
my son I love you from full of my heart my treasure I miss you my Renato V. Éva my daughter take care of you we will meet each other outside I miss you much K. Kriszti your mother kisses centralized female prisons not possible to meet during the transport children also in prison

knowledge is power
A revenge can be only full if it is prepared, your enemies can believe that they survived, I will hit them when they don’t count on my anger, I don’t need mercy but... comments: fool, you have right

gangstar hiphop heroes
is there a difference between societies? prison snitches shall die out Szeged Prison life sentence real life sentence 30 days isolation „fegyház” regime unique in Europe

sexual deprivation 1
I am János Kökény, I have 17 years left, but my point is, that I love my Hairdresser, Zsuzsa, I do not care what do they think about my Zsuzsa. comments: f.. me I am a fag

sexual deprivation 2.
1 room number Szeged Prison long sentenced prisoners visits no conjugal special units high security units: 2 prisons long time regime unit: Szeged security regime unit: Szeged

counting days sun: days left to move forbidden items security check in 20-30 minutes 150 prs for one guard during the night

1 reception – room service 2 adult movie channel – private gold dilapidation conditions no privacy multi-occupancy cells security risks

homosexual bullying info sharing
Simon he is a real [deleted] fag he was f..ed in Szolnok and also in Tököl Simon s..ks and f...ks very well This is sure, he far...d in Tököl He is a snitch moreover

hepatitis C infected only convict for hate speech isolated swastika tattoo isolated from the Romani inmates

„I wont be transported, I will stay here and the whole drug market will be mine! I will rule the business, the Aryans can be happy to have the deal with me. My brother, SMOKI, arranged the contactman, froze their canals, I don’t need your help..." drug market who are the Aryans?

fear of infection
over a toilet facility in a female isolation room do not seat on it! it is infected with bacteria 30 female juvenlies number increasing IP aggression increasing offences’s brutality increasing gang membership openly only mother-child unit in Hungary

this prison is a gathering place for gay inmates TEH KING what is the meaning of the horse?

bully the staff
rank symbols, truncheon

real art
unused and undiscovered talent

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