The background of the industry work practices (Prakerin) Industry Working Practices (Prakerin) is a vocational school program that must be taken by the student. This activity aims to observe, learn, and apply the knowledge gained from school directly in the field. Besides, students are also required to collect data on the implementation of the workshop Prakerin and then compiled into the form of a report.

The purpose internships




As a condition to fulfill the industrial working practices (Prakerin). Improve and expand the knowledge that has been gained from the school in preparation to enter the work in accordance with the program of study. To gain knowledge about the real world of work. To prepare plunge into society.

History of Nissan Puri Anjasmoro

 

founded on 23 April 2002 located at Jalan Madukoro 4-5 Semarang in Central Java. The Founder is Hartona Sundoro Hosea NISSAN Semarang is 3S (Sales, Service and Spare Parts) who serve car sales, service and sales of spare parts service NISSAN car.

Hydraulic Systems

What is the Hydrolic system? Hydraulic system is a system / equipment that works based on the nature and potential / existing capabilities in the liquid (liquid).

The use of hydraulic systems
In the Industrial side

In the vehicle side

Hydrolic press Automatic transmission Hidrolic jack

Profit of Hydrolic System

 

Big power, small dimensions of the equipment Velocity that can be set (varies) Easily changed direction of movement Prevention load more simple construction (reliev valve) Easily terminated without damaging

hidrolik pressure

Hydraulic pressure is a tool used for open and install the bearings and can also be used to wake perdown and another who needed power suppressor works great. The press power generated from 10 tons, 15 tons, 30 tons and or even up to 100 tons.


hydraulic press in the same operation with hydraulic jack piston difference is the driving force that leads to step down because its function is to pressing. in terms of maintenance is almost the same as other hydraulic.

The Main Sections
1.Lever Pressing 2.Pressure Indicator 3.Regulator Valve Faucet Tap 4.Supressor Arm 5.Work Table

The Main Sections
Pressure indicator

Lever Pressing

The Main Sections

Supressor Arm

Regulator Valve Faucet Tap

The Main Sections

Work Table

How To Use Hydrolik press

First Put the object on the work table Second Pressure lever armmovement to pressure the object Third Make sure the pressure does not exceed the terms of indicators After complete supression, playlist regulator valve faucet tap until the pressure arm back to top


For 4 months Industrial Work Practices (Prakerin) know about the preparedness and the working conditions of our industry. Prakerin held for students to channel the science that has been accepted at the school to the world of industry and students are able to practice to interact and socialize with others is good and right with people who are more experienced than us

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