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Started in 1976 by the mayors office to address the food assistance request from one family In 1st year, distributed 10,533 boxes Presently distributes enough food to provide 60,000 meals per day The mission: Through education, advocacy, and the acquisition, storage, and distribution of food, we will anticipate and meet the food needs of the hungry in our community. The Vision: Freedom from hunger

Motivation and unification Purpose and production

Attainment and retention of volunteers

CEO, Bill Carnegie

Plenty of past experience Transformational leader, inspires and motivates volunteers, employees, and the community
Board of Directors Prominent members with deep roots in our community, helping us to reach our goals

Allows the organization to gain resources both at a national and local scale Training opportunities Technical support Funding

Programs can be divided into 2 broad categories:


Food Distribution Programs

Food Resource/Security Programs

Talk about the Mission Unites us Motivates us Rated 3rd best non-profit to work for by The NonProfit Times Satisfaction leads to production

Importance of volunteers Manpower Fiscal year ending June 2011: 152,436 hours $1,166,135 saved

Money goes further with the Community Food Bank For every dollar donated, 97 cents goes directly into programs CFB assists and distributes to over 200 smaller organizations, and food pantries

Annually we serve around 178,200 people Men Women Children Seniors The working poor The homeless People suffering from illness People fleeing abuse People with disabilities Anyone else in need

Variety of Services Value to the community Different ways of tackling hunger Proactive Expanded Service Area Helping more people

More resources

Emergency Assistance Education Present & Future Generations Measurements

1 in 6 Americans is struggling with hunger In 2009, Arizona was considered one of the top five states with the highest rate of food insecurity In Tucson, 23.5% of the population lives at, or below the poverty level Due to the economic crisis, more people are out of work, in consequence, more people are hungry

In addition to giving money:


Hold a food drive

Spread the word

In kind donations