Performance Enhancement Proposal for EPIC Vietnam

Raymond Chong October 28 2008


Scope and Aim

EPIC Vietnam is one of the important part in whole EPIC Group family
 Customers

( 60% )

– Jones New York

( 40% )  Workers – 1,500 workers  Quantity – 250,000 pcs per month  Quality – Which is EPIC Group tenet for providing service to our

Kohl’s, Costo and Next



Hardware – Space (1)

Fabric in Warehouse / Cutting Department
 Fabric

• Fabric Relaxation for all Stretch Fabric • Unroll fabric for cutting both roll end and middle of roll for shrinkage wash test
 Solution

• Trolleys and Trays can be option for getting more space to relax fabric


Hardware – Space (2)

Checkpoint QC – Sewing Line

QC means Quality Control ( not Inspector ) –
• Control Quality should be at the beginning and in the front of the sewing line • Small part /component is error sewn will kill the whole process for repairing • If QC found the problem at the end of the line that means the QC is an Inspector

Solution –
• Switch the experienced QC to the front of the sewing line temporarily • Create more space to have more


Hardware – Space (3)

Finishing and Final Audit ( Unit 2 )
 Measuring

Garment –

• QC has no space for measuring garment and flipping around caused low efficiency • Cannot get the accurate measurement if garment cannot be laying flat on the table
 Solution

• Purchase more Plastic Shelf for the back log garments after pressing • Create more space for letting


Hardware - Logistic

Between Unit 1 and Unit 2
 Garment

lost, damage ( oil stain, dirt mark ) and wastage due to transportation –
• Garment lost due to missing counting in and out from Unit 1 to Unit 2 • Oil stain and dirt mark caused wastage • Mistake found in Unit 2 which the production is still continuous in Unit 1 • Fabric Warehouse should be the


Textile Pre-Shrink / Sponge Machine
 Stretch

Hardware – Equipment / Facility (1)
Fabric –

• Comfort for the end consumer • Popular in the market • Fabric Shrinkage is unstable in the market
 Solution

• Fabric Relaxation overnight • Fabric Shrinkage / Wash Test • Textile Pre-Shrink / Sponge


Current Sewing Machine
 Old

Hardware – Equipment / Facility (2)
Chinese stated to do good job should have good tools first. Efficiency is low because the machines have to be maintenance always
• Some of current sewing machines are too old which are not operated well • Have to be fixed / repaired by maintenance always caused low efficiency


Drill Hole Machine
 Help

Hardware – Equipment / Facility (3)
sewing working to have accuracy –
• By manually folding dart the placement is up to the sewing worker whatever • By the welt pocket placement is up to where is the back dart placement should be • Drill hole machine should be used after cutting right away, no need to have extra work and have accuracy


Needle Detector
 Child

Hardware – Equipment / Facility (3)
Safety – Childrenwear
• Needle detector is the one of most important if we have to run business for childrenwear • Next requested to have every garment ( Test Order ) to be passing through the needle detector without any metal before shipment PS : Even the childrenwear from Kohl’s is asking for passing


Construction Rule
 Jones

Hardware – Tools from Buyer (1)
New York has their own construction rule for garment –
• Merchandising and CAD department must have a set of copy which is updated • Better to print the construction rule to let everyone know about • Translate to Vietnamese and put on board of sewing line • Any updated should be chopped the date, highlighted and replace on board for sewing workers


How to Measure Manual

Hardware – Tools from Buyer (2)
department, QC and Final Audit must have one set which is updated –
• Pattern maker must follow the individual manual from different customer to create pattern especially waist circum or hip level etc. • QC and Final Audit must follow individual Manual when measuring garment


Standard of Procedure
 Quality

Hardware – Correct Guidance
Right 1st Time –

• Workers are weak on proper mindset, and no correct concept and appropriate mentality • Quality Control should follow correct guidance to do their job ( not number of piece )
 Solution

• Leaders should implant workers for correct concept as always • Establish a Standard of Procedure


TQM / ISO 9000 / 5-S Principal / 6 Sigma
 Quality

Hardware – Quality Management System

Management System can help housekeeping, enhance quality, performance and even self-discipline and self-initiative also
• Though it will be a long process to get the system to be certified • The first thing we have to do is to fine tune/ make better progress of our system • With Quality Management System



Software – Quality Award (1)
Quality Award – Productivity against Quality
 Everyone

is looking at number of piece as company set-up the Productivity Award
• Quality Control can get Productivity Award also which is not right, and against whose job natural at all • 1,200 pcs output with difficult for repairing or damage garment versus 1,000 pcs without repairing concept must be implanted


Software – Quality Award (2)
Quality Award ( continuous … )
 Solution

• Suggest to set-up Quality Award to emerge the importance • Award any worker who doing good job without or less return for repairing • Billboard the monthly Quality Award ( if possible ) to let all workers know • Make an announcement and memo to let all workers understand how


Punishment Scheme
 Punish

Software – Punishment Scheme
any worker if they did many mistakes
• Set-up Verbal Warning System for certain number of Minor Mistakes return for repairing ( E.g. more than 3% ) • Set-up Written Warning System for Major Mistake occurred caused damage garment or high wastage ( E.g. only 1 time ) • By the end of the year, number of warnings will count into the

Software – Accuracy (2)

Information provide from HK merchandising
 Quality

Right 1st Right is from accurate information
• HK merchandising should always be specific when writing e-mail with details information • Factory always need clear details and instruction to process • E-mail should be better point by point in Bullets and Numbering to provide clear information


Software – Accuracy (2)

Fabric – Shrinkage / Handling
 Fabric

is the most expensive in a garment
• Fabric Department should get involved for fabric inspection when shipment is ready from mill not until problem found in factory • Factory should pull the roll end and middle roll of fabric for shrinkage wash test • Unroll the fabric for relaxation properly without die crease


Software – Accuracy (3)

Shrinkage build-in method ( CAD department )
 How

build-in shrinkage without distort the fit is an acknowledge
• Pattern maker used their own way to build-in shrinkage on pattern • The way is not correct method and will be distorted the fit as what buyer approved • Suggest to use the function in the CAD system provided for build-in the shrinkage based on fabric form,


Software – Accuracy (4)

Cutting Department
 Quality

Right 1st Right is starting from here –
• Cutting must be on the line EXACTLY of the marker provided • Notch must be added during cutting based on marker provided • Should return the marker to CAD department if the notch provided is not clear or missing on the marker • Any mis-cut panel should be re-cut or re-trim before passing to next


Software – Accuracy (5)

Sewing Department
 Marking

/ Sewing and Notch matching is the next step to achieve Quality Right 1st Time
• Any mis-cut panel should be returned to cutting department to re-cut or re-trim, do not start sewing • Marking / Sewing must be accurate using the actual pattern with seam allowance consistence • Sewing must be followed all notches matching provided from

Software – Accuracy (6)

Washing Department
 Shrinkage

built-in on pattern and marker is based on approved wash standard
• Should conduct Pilot Run of washing before bulk washing to see the result is stable • Any measurement discrepancy is found should inform CAD department to adjust the pattern and marker for the following cut • Any dirt mark or oil stain is found


Software – Accuracy (7)

Pilot Run VS Shrinkage
 Pilot

Run has to make sure all preparation is done
• Used the approval PPS Pattern to cut the Pilot Run for building in shrinkage for bulk is risky • Suggest to make 2nd round if the 1st round Pilot Run is too far away on measurement • If we have to make a 2nd round Pilot Run it has to be done • The orders we have going forward


Software – Accuracy (8)

Measurement ( Before Wash Garment )
 Due

to Group Marker from various shrinkage
• Within 2% for Missy and Petite style • Within 1% for Women style • Even measurement is perfect, the final measurement is still varied due Group Marker • CAD / Pattern Department must provide the shrinkage pattern


Software – Efficiency (1)

CAD Department
 Pattern

Makers should be trained the same vision for fitting requirement
• Fitting is on the mannequin or live model in 3 dimensions, not flat pattern in 2 dimensions • Should not trace the number of measurement as provided as it can be revised from buyer as always. • How to control the fit after PPS sample is approved, number of


Software – Efficiency (2)

Communication and Updated Information
 Face

to Face touch-base is very important
• Suggest HK merchandising team should visit factory monthly to have more communication • Suggest daily regular phone call ( E.g. Skype ) should be need to clear up any pending issue • Any updated should be communicated each other to avoid


Software – Efficiency (3)

Communication Difficulty
 Different


• Difficulty of communication between leader and local workers • Message from management cannot be reached to the bottom due to different language • Suggest to have 1 worker or leader in each sewing line who is familiar of English for better communication to avoid confusion

Software – Efficiency (4)

Communication Gap
 Some

error or mistake occurred due to communication problem between departments
• As leader who should make sure the communication to be throughout to another department to get job well done • By assumption or guessing is not the appropriate action as a leader • To take proactive initiative to lead as a leader – Training is need


Software – Self Discipline

 Must

be the Paragon for the workers how to do the good job in the factory –
• Should be responsible to spread out the same message from management to the bottom • Should take proper Time and Action of corrective action plan when management raise up any issue • Should take note of To Do List


Software – Headcount

Pattern Maker –

Suggest to have 1 ~ 2 more pattern makers to ease up their workload. Then, have extra time to train up same eye for fit requirement adoption Should have an experienced technical person to oversee the technical aspect / solution. Provide any garment engineering advise for increasing higher productivity without style change

Technical Manager –

Checkpoint QC ( Buttoning )

There is only 1 checkpoint QC for buttoning, and who is only pulling random check only  Suggest to have 1 more QC to ensure