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Zoo Quest

Christen Campbell Dr. Graziano Second Grade Science Lesson

Congrats! You have been selected by the Nevada Zoological society to design a completely new zoo in Las Vegas, Nevada This is a very special zoo, as it will contain representatives of organisms from six groups of animals:
Bird Amphibian Mammal Reptile Arthropod You are now ready to go to the Zoo Task Page.

Your task is to design a brand new zoo to be built in Las Vegas. Your part will be to investigate and research at least one organism from each of the six groups of animals. You will get information about your organism and prepare a presentation to the Las Vegas Zoo Committee Please continue to the Zoo Process Page.

1. You will be assigned to a group of 3 and use specific websites to research information about your organisms. 2. Begin your research using the websites on your Zoo Resources Page. You may also use any other resources you wish. 3. Complete the following for each organism:
Group of animal the organism belongs to Name of the representative organism Where does organism live? What does organism look like? Interesting facts about the organism

Process continued..
4. Attach a picture of each organism 5. To complete your project you will be handing in all representative organisms and a flyer for your zoo.

6. The flyer will contain the following:

Name of zoo Hours of zoo Cost to enter the zoo Groups of Zoo Animals & Representative Organism

Please continue to Zoo Resource Page

Process Continued
Groups of 3 will be determined by the teacher to make sure each Zoo Group can design the best new zoo in Las Vegas (there will be one English Learner or student with a learning disability in each group) All group members need to work together, helping each other finish the task. Good Luck!!

Zoo Resource Page

Please use any or all of these websites to locate various groups of animals:

20 *All organisms completed 15 *All organisms completed 10 0 *1 or more *2 or more organisms missing organisms missing

*Detailed information for all organisms *Student demonstrates excellent knowledge of 5 groups of animals

*Information missing on parts of some organisms *Student demonstrates good knowledge of 5 groups of animals

*Information missing on 1 or more organisms *Student demonstrates inadequate knowledge of 5 groups of animals

*Information missing on 2 or more organisms *Student demonstrates unacceptable knowledge of 5 groups of animals

After completing the webquest, students will have learned the following: 1. The student will be able to differentiate between the 5 groups of animals. 2. The student will be able to identify habitats, physical characteristics, and unique characteristics about an organism from each group of animal. 3. The student will be able to use the computer to develop skills in research.